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The Charade

That poor girl…All she wants is answers to her questions…Who is she? Where did she come from? Who is William? What’s Mr James not telling her? What does Carl want and why? So many questions…


via The Charade – Chapter 16

Who I am and Why I am here!

Well a slightly crazy retiree in Phuket whose fingers are an extension of my mouth…..started writing about 6 months ago and have been amazed,surprised at all the help I have been given and have 2 short stories about to be published in an Anthology of Phuket Writers…

Sitting at the dining table yesterday I said to my husband “did you ever think you would be married to an Author”?  and to my son “did you ever think you could say my mums an Author” and for me I can say I am an Author…wow….

Blogging I have published 11, so 2 months ago it all started……It is a mixed blog of recipes with tips if you can’t obtain all the ingredients where u are, unusual facts or news, my life…I just write and it spills forth……I hesitate to come out with any radical views and trust me I do have some..ha ha……I get readers from all over but mainly from the US who maybe like the whimsical ramblings of an English Lady……whimsical was a term applied about me by a fellow writer whom I think is amazing..and I disagreed initially until my curiosity got the better of me and I googled it…….and yes I am whimsical!