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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine -Weekly Round Up – Josh Groban, Legendary Irises, Lucious Lamb and Shark Diving!

What a weekly roundup…I have been awed, laughed and loved all of these posts…Enjoy!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed. Another week of beautiful weather here and apart from taking time out to sit and read in the sunshine…David has been removing the stumps left after the tree felling last summer, so that we can lay a lawn. It will change the whole aspect of the front garden. We then have wall repairs and new fencing and another major job off the list. We have been in the house two years next week and it has certainly been an amazing time. The biggest problem with renovating a property here in Ireland is the weather, especially for the outside work. Hats off to the tradespeople who have to contend with all the time.


Delighted to welcome author D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies) as the latest regular contributor to the blog. I am sure many of you will have enjoyed Debby’s…

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How do I follow that?

2015..Was a good year for me…I hope you are enjoying my archived posts xx

Retired? No one told me!

It’s going to be hard…

Of all my blogs so far I think last weeks was my best…I got some wonderful comments and for that my friends… I thank you.

Was it that quote from the wonderful lady who was Eleanor Roosevelt? Or my scribblings..maybe a bit of both, she drew you in and I delivered.

Well, peeps, at last, I have copies of our book in my hands and I am winging one off to a very special lady in the UK…My Mum…..who I am sure will dine out for months with her friends from that wonderful group, that good old English tradition which is  “The Mothers Union” and I am happy to give her full bragging rights…haha.

Phuket  Writers

Phuket Writers group proudly holding a copy of our book ..Hot off the press.

Now I am back on track writing my novel which one of my short stories in the book is…

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All I want for christmas is??????

Updated from last year but much of what I believe in is still the same…Merry Christmas x

Retired? No one told me!


Look at those happy smiles…Happy to have a tree to climb, a pond to fish in…and if they had a bike well…Instead they ride the tuk-tuk bike with my grandson riding the bike and all of them in the side car…would that allowed anywhere else???? probably not….we say don’t drive too fast…he comes back..hair standing on end so we know the foot was floored…ha ha…but it’s country roads/ tracks, not a lot of traffic..a few cows meandering along and they have fun….christmas to them is some small token…


Christmas is not fully celebrated here unlike New Year. It is only the more westernised Thai’s and obviously those of us who live here from other parts of the world.

Christmas is much lower key and not commercialised like in western countries. The children if asked would think awhile and ask for one thing.

I asked a little lad the other week (…

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Creativity or Web Traffic?

I love this and it is a good analogy of me..who would have thought those few years ago when I landed here..suitcase in hand what wonders would await me and what passion this world of writing would bring to me..awake in me….How it would change my life and bring untold joy and new friends…It is an amazing ride and this lady is not getting off for a long time yet…

If I had a brain I would be Dangerous!



Trust me that is exactly how I feel today!

Left half my shopping in Topps and the more expensive stuff.

Tried to phone but no English option…I knew I should have persevered more with my Thai.

It’s as black as black out there and it will cost me probably half as much to go back to get it …If the next person didn’t pick it up. If it really rains the high street will flood anyway and that’s a nightmare…so think I will write that one off.

To say I am p****** off this week is an understatement the rain is still merrily coming through  the ceiling and not been fixed… I know now how people cracked under Japanese water torture….. Drip, drip ,drip all night….I have now sent them a video so they can hear the drips!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also nearly severed the top of my finger this week doing what I have always told the kids not to do…. use a very, just sharpened knife to try and prise the lid off…straight  cut round nail and finger…..

Is it my age????????    Or just a bad week??????????????????


Rant over….Sorry guys ….But not been a good week………..