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An artistic toilet block on the tourist trail in New Zealand captures our imagination

I love quirkiness as you probably know and these Toilets or Hong Nam in Thai are so quirky…I love them 🙂

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The Hundertwasser Toilets are one of the most bizarre toilet blocks I think I’ve ever seen.

We missed them the first time.

We drove back up the street and there they were, how on earth had we missed them? Bright, colourful, artistic and brilliant!  Maybe the hundreds of motorcyclists riding up and down the street had something to do with it.

We had left Paihia a short time before on our way to Miranda, to start our Hauraki Rail Trail cycling tour and  had read about this amazing work of art in the form of pubic toilets, in the town of Kawakawa.  So we did what every good tourist does and pulled in for a look, the fact that it was morning tea time also helped with our decision!

Kawakawa is quite a small town and apart from the amazing toilet block and street art, it  has a train line…

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The best Ladies and Gents signs I have seen in ages!

We visited a local hotel as our daughter was staying there and it is rather retro…these ladies and gents signs caught my eye.


The use of kitchen spoons and decorating bits( paint brush) made them quite unique.



For the gents it was plumbing items and an old pair of goggles..very ingenious……I just love anything that is quirky and these were certainly that.

Well that’s it for now short and sweet…..my grandson kindly shared what he had with me …so it’s back to bed to feel sorry for myself …I hate being ill…until next time take care, stay safe , laugh a lot, love you all 🙂