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Retired No One Told Me!…Fried Insects, Peppercorns and Rosella.

CAROL'S Weekly Update 19th April

Well, this has been an exciting week…Songkran celebrations ( Thai New Year) Sunshine and tropical storms and the discovery of some new foods for me…

Here in Thailand, there are many ways of preserving and salting eggs which have been passed down through the generations some very nice ( as were) these salted eggs some not so nice …I don’t fancy eating embryos however they are dressed up …


Fruity Fridays came around and it was the Rosella Fruit one which I had only previously had as tea but on coming across the fruits discovered that they made a lovely jam and an awesome chutney.

Carol cooks! Rosella Fruit


It was then the turn of Sally’s weekly roundup and Mustard seeds were my topic that week… Making mustard is very easy as I soon discovered when I was unable to purchase any here so decided to have a go and make my own.


Songkran and Thai New Year somewhat got in the way so some of my posts fell a little by the wayside.

Healthy Eating and No to Diets was on the subject of snacks … Songkran bought out all the unusual to us westerners bar snacks…Crispy fried insects, pork scratchings, Eggs of all sorts and dried fish which is very popular here…So, of course, I treated you all to a glimpse of those snacks which certainly elicited some comments.


Over to Sally’s for my cookery column where I discussed peppercorns of various colours and a recipe for some lovely Pork in Peppercorn Sauce.


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Well, that’s all rather short and sweet this week…xxx


Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Carol Taylor’s Food and Cookery Column – Mustard

Marvellous mustard it elevates our food to something more doesn’t it? and has so many other uses and benefits ….I hope you enjoy!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and if you went away then had a lovely break and have come back nice and refreshed.

Mustard is one of my favourite condiments and it has many uses… Mustard seeds have been found to have been mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit writings which go back 5,000years. They have been mentioned at least 5 times in the Bible and in the New Testament, The Kingdom of Heaven is compared to a grain of mustard seed.

There are about 40 varieties of Mustard seed but generally, they are divided into 3 principal categories of black, white and brown.

Black is the most pungent and is found growing in the Middle East.

White mustard seeds are actually yellow in colour and come from the Mediterranean region, the mildest in flavour and American yellow mustard is made from these.
Brown mustard seeds are actually dark…

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BHAPA Chingri….Golda Chingri…..Shorshe Narkol……..Giant Prawn in coconut Mustard Sauce….

I love this post it tells you how to clean prawns properly and some other great tips for a lovely flavoursome prawn dish…Very nice and it has chillies…Can you hear the excitement in my tone when I mention chillies???

Cook With Reena!


I have thought of a  series on Prawn preparation in next few days . My fist preparation on the series is “Bhapa Golda Shorshe Chingri”. Its an authentic Bengali (Easter region in India) preparation. Bhapa means steamed, Golda Chingri means giant prawn and shorshe means Mustard. So key ingredients to this preparation are Giant prawns, mustard paste.  Add poppy seed paste and coconut scrape adds texture to this dish.

Golda Chingri is available only in Bay of Bengal. It is famous for its tender flesh and heavenly Taste. The sound of Chingri   plays music to the ears of Bengalis and is very popular throughout Bengal.  It’s almost a compulsory dish during any celebration in Bengali household. It is best paired with steaming white rice. The pungent taste of freshly ground mustard paste and mustard oil makes it more appealing. I have posted Bhapa Ilish preparation. Similar technique is used for…

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