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Retired No One Told Me, Weekly update…Tamarind, Obesity and Horseradish.


Carols Weekly Update 26th April

Quite a mixed bag this week in this weeks update not so many posts. I have lots of ideas but haven’t translated them into posts… I have been trying to do more work on my Cook Book it is taking shape and has lots of recipes so I am now filling in the blanks you all know how I love to chatter …Don’t you?

The first post in this update is my monthly guest post on the Recipe Hunter and this month it was the letter C and surprise, surprise not a chilli in sight… haha… There are Curry Plants, Cloud eggs and much more but I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t read it yet.



Next, we have Fruity Fridays which is the lovely Tamarind. This week I have a lovely rare Thai fruit for you… The reason I love it here as I come across some little gems quite by chance and this is just one example…It was sooo hot so we decided to get a tuk-tuk back from shopping..The driver was a lovely old Thai man and he had a bag of fruit in the back of his tuk-tuk and of course being nosey well …lol…Tiny little dark pink fruits like small lychee and being generous like all Thais he gave me some…It has taken me a lot of research and I have found out very little really but all will be revealed tomorrow in Fruity Fridays. An unexpected treat, the other one was my neighbours were picking their mangoes and of course gave me some, one weighed exactly a kilo it is a whopper of a mango…

green unripe TAMARIND PODS


Next, we have a post reblogged from a lovely lady from the blog Invisiblenomore who gave Sally and me a wonderful little mention and added our links promoting our healthy eating posts…Which was so nice of her…Thank you very much from Sally and myself 🙂



The 4th Annual Bloggers Bash awards…I was so honoured to be nominated and I am amongst great company as I love all the other blogs which have been nominated so if you haven’t voted for your favourite then please do as you will make someone very happy.

voting is now open


Carol’s boot camp… Obesity was the theme this week and will be for the next couple of weeks…I happened on a chart and of course, I wanted to see where Thailand came in and the UK …  a few hours later the idea for a post was born  I started with Thailand as it is where I now live and I will be finishing with the top and the bottom of the chart…Comparing eating habits and the types of food per capita… Just a little exercise really… To see if there are any common factors or foods/lifestyles… I hope you enjoy it!

No to diets Thai food collage


Lastly, it is the Horseradish a lovely plant which when the root is grated it makes a great accompaniment to many foods and also to my Bloody Mary’s… just saying!


That’s all for this week I will be back tomorrow for Fruity Fridays and with my new-found rare Thai fruit…

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7 days of black and white photos…Challenge Day 1

Mango smoothie


I have been challenged by the lovely Judy who must have known I can’t resist a challenge…It is for 7 days, Black and white photos only, no people or animals and NO words… That’s easy for shy, retiring Moi.

Judy can be found over on this link go and give her look and say hello she has a lovely blog and is not shy,  quiet and retiring like Moi…..https://www.judyedwinamartin.com/7-days-black-white-photos-challenge-day-5/

A bloody Mary at Bliss 2013 black and white


I nominate the lovely Kyla whose blog posts always make me drool…..Her blog is called the 24 Carrot Diet I just love it and I am sure you will as well it is wonderfully researched and informative so please pop over and say hello…

Until tomorrow..when It will be more black and white…..


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 28-Glorious.

Well, Hugh has set us a challenge this week ….”Glorious” to check out Hugh’s pictures  Please Click Here.

Glorious means lots of things to lots of people, it could mean the weather, a glorious sunrise or sunset, watching animals or kids play or the glory of pageantry. The sight and smell of the Christmas turkey, the baby gibbon whose life someone saved, bread pudding hot from the oven and a balmy, glorious day at the beach with your favourite cocktail.

baby gibbons SAM_6285 10521879_10152472184109865_5630515386234439606_n SAM_3108 bread pudding

I could have chosen many more pictures but these all invoked that feeling that you get inside when something touches you and makes you feel…..Glorious!