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The Culinary Alphabet …Letter C and not a chilli or a square of chocolate in sight!

Carol Cooks Letter C

The letter C in my journey through the culinary alphabet…I do hope you enjoy it I certainly am it is quite interesting especially now I know that Pork crackling something most of us love is number 6 in the top 100 of foods which are beneficial to your health…Lots of fat but good fat and plenty of vitamins fill your boots… well not quite …Moderation is best but no need to go on a guilt trip it is ok to enjoy it now and again.

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Carol’s Cloud Eggs Aston style

I had to reblog this as I had been meaning to make these for a while and Aston beat me to it…He just loves to cook and will be so excited to see his cooking on here xxx It is also  a Healthier way to eat eggs as they are baked not fried and Aston never eats the white of a fried egg but loved this as he said it melted in his mouth so maybe a good way to get children to eat all of the egg or someone who needs a lighter diet. But also children who cook or help make their food are more inclined to eat it!


Cloud Eggs Aston styleAnd I thought Sunday mornings were for a lie in.  Aston had other ideas and woke me with a bowl of meringue he was whipping. Time to get up then Nannie!

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