Carol’s Cloud Eggs Aston style

I had to reblog this as I had been meaning to make these for a while and Aston beat me to it…He just loves to cook and will be so excited to see his cooking on here xxx It is also  a Healthier way to eat eggs as they are baked not fried and Aston never eats the white of a fried egg but loved this as he said it melted in his mouth so maybe a good way to get children to eat all of the egg or someone who needs a lighter diet. But also children who cook or help make their food are more inclined to eat it!


Cloud Eggs Aston styleAnd I thought Sunday mornings were for a lie in.  Aston had other ideas and woke me with a bowl of meringue he was whipping. Time to get up then Nannie!

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5 thoughts on “Carol’s Cloud Eggs Aston style

  1. benleander

    It looks great and I’m sure it tasted great as well. Just sucks he woke you up^^
    On an unrelated note, I accidentally cleared my database of followers because I’m stupid… It sucks and I’m trying to somehow find who I think might have been following me. And you may or may not be one of them. I would love it if you forgave my stupidity and followed me again! haha

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