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Smorgasbord Health – Christmas Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor – The Amazing Apricot

Ahhhh… Apricots truly one of my very favourite little fruits and it lends itself very well to stuffings, glazes and much more and the health benefits of including this little golden orb into your is diet are quite immense an easy and lovely way to top up those iron levels and that is just one benefit ….Enjoy your journey through our post x

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to this week’s post on the wonderful foods available to us that are not only nutrient packed but also delicious when handed over to Carol Taylor to prepare.  This week the little yellow fruit that has an interesting history and next time you are going to a wedding take a bag with you!

Dried apricots are in season all year around and as you will read in Carol’s part of the post they are important nutritionally too. Since we are now in the run up to Christmas, Carol will also be adding in some suggestions of how to add apricots into your festive cooking.

More about the apricot

The apricot season opens at the beginning of May and goes through to the end of August or early September, which gives us five months to enjoy this highly nutritious and healing food.   This week some friends of us dropped around…

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Barking Deers Mango

Of course, you all know exactly what that is …Don’t you????

It is all here in another edition of Down on the Farm!

A busy time of year as the rice has just been harvested, The Goose aka Turkeys are getting fat and the Wild almond tree aka Barking Deers Mango, nuts are ready to eat…

The name Barking deer’s mango is a strange name I can only surmise that it originated from the Indian Muntjac also named barking deer as it was often hunted around the outskirts of agricultural areas as they are considered a nuisance for damaging crops and ripping bark from trees.


This wild evergreen tree can grow as tall as 50 metres high the wood which is of low quality is used for general construction or fuel but is also very sought after and popular here for making charcoal.

The seeds of the tree are a source of a non-drying oil called cay-cay fat which is used in the manufacture of candles and soap making.


The nut is eaten raw or is dry roasted and sold on the local markets as a snack this time of the year. The outer shell is really hard and no mod cons or nutcrackers used here just a very sharp knife and it was wielded very ably if I tried cracking a nut that way I would definitely be minus a couple of fingers…



Our Turkeys are no longer babies and the girls have just started laying eggs so we are hoping they will produce some lovely little turkey chicks when they hatch.

Our big boy turkey

The rice harvest has just finished for us…..It is hard work producing the rice and harvesting it and for little money, as rice prices are quite low at the moment but at the very least it will provide rice for eating until the next harvest is due…

rice farming

Lily and Oi picking rice

A food break is always welcome…

lunch time picking rice

That’s about it at the moment we have plenty of morning-glory, lemongrass and galangal so I will be making Tom Yum Goong (Prawns) Soup which is one of my favourites and breakfast most days this week has been morning-glory with rice a simple vegetable dish but very spicy and tasty…

Jackfruit is nicely ripened at the moment and it’s banana time of the year again so they are very plentiful…It is all or nothing with bananas as they are either all unripe or all ripe at the same time….although I will be making more of those raw green banana Kofta’s the recipe courtesy of my blogging friend Reena they are very nice indeed…It was the first time I had made anything using raw, green bananas and well worth it ..very nice they were…I would recommend you try them…

Until next time..stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot 🙂




Black and White photo Challenge…Day 7

Day 7…The last day…I love this challenge and maybe if you want to I will still do a weekly black and white post but may introduce animals and people as well …

What do you think??? Do you want me too ?????

Sala Keo ku Park.9

Sala Keo ku Park.3

Thai meatballs on market black and white

The end!

Today I nominate anyone who would love to do this challenge…..It is easy to convert photos to black and white…I can do it…Yeah!

I look forward to seeing who will take up the challenge!

Until next time stay safe, laugh a lot and be happy 🙂

Quote Challenge – Day 2 And An Apology

We could all learn a lot from this lady..She never, ever ceases to amaze me and that takes a lot….So if you are feeling life isn’t treating you well…Then take a peak inside Lisa’a World…Your life will then not suck quite so much…..There is a lesson here and we should all be thankful for small mercies….The one fault Lisa has and it is a big one… she is loathe to share her ice cream with me….Much love and hugs to you Lisa xxx

Lisa's " I have too much time on my hands" Site

I would like to start this post off with an apology. I have been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks and it may take a little time for me to be back full-time. First, I wasn’t feeling well because my feeding tube, which was surgically implanted just above my bellybutton through my skin and down through to my stomach, it HURT SOOOOOOO MUCH because it got infected and I have been on antibiotics since. Then, secondly, I had an appointment to have my feeding tube taken out – OUCHY – and replaced with a new one. Yay! And thirdly, my computer – my very expensive special computer that costs A LOT of money – has decided that it hates the WordPress website. This is the problem that will be the reason that my posts will be sporadic until the new computer gets here OR I figure out…

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Quote Challenge: The Carol Taylor Series

Wow, I am not used to such flattery …Thank you, my outspoken pixie friend who writes on subjects that I would love to but don’t dare …Yes I chicken out…aka sometimes…ha ha


GRATITUDE IS THE MOTHER OF ALL VIRTUE…a contented heart is a happy heart that sees and knows no evil and seeks no desire. That I always believe so.

I had fun time doing the QUOTE CHALLENGE and as a way of saying THANK YOU to the funny and witty lady who threw me the challenge, I am featuring here all her entries from Day 1 to Day 3 in a kind of one-stop shop.

For Day 1, Carol picked a quote by an anonymous author:

“The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom.”

Read the whole article here

For Day 2, she treated us to Anthony Capella’s:

“Age and glasses of wine should never be counted.”

I agree…both are just numbers. Still, it would be lovely to head over at Carol’s site and see for yourself

For Day…

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Smorgasbord Christmas posts from Your Archive – Pomelo Salad by Carol Taylor

One of my favourite Thai salads from my archives showcased by Sally and although a salad it could be a welcome addition to a Christmas buffet of rich foods as Sally has said…

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

This is from the archives of Carol Taylor. Although not official a Christmas post, as we approach the richness of the food in the run up to the holidays you might think about adding in a few dishes that are light and fresh.

 The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it!  Carol Taylor

Pomelo Salad

Pomelo Salad or as it is known here Yum Som O is a wonderful light refreshing salad made with Thai Grapefruit( Pink Grapefruit) can be substituted and there is very little difference in flavour.


  • 2 Pink Grapefruit or 1 Pomelo.
  • 12-16 peeled shrimps.
  • Sm.cucumber diced.
  • 1/4 cup finely sliced shallots.
  • 1/4 cup fresh Thai Basil or Mint.
  • 1/4 cup Fresh coriander.
  • 1/4 cup unsalted peanuts/cashews.
  • 2 tbsp shredded coconut.
  • 1 Red Chilli finely sliced.


  • Half to 1 lime.
  • 3 tbsp Fish Sauce.
  • 1-2 tbsp palm sugar.

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Black and White challenge…Day 6

Nearly finished this lovely challenge and I am loving it and hope you are loving my photos and the peace and quiet…No words, people or pets just pictures….

Sala Blue House

vegetarian festival pirecings face black and white

Who shall I nominate this time?…However please don’t think you have to accept  I know everyone is busy this time of the year… I am sure those little hamsters would stunning in black and white…Ta Da ! It is Shehanna Moore.…Please pop over and see her lovely posts and those little hamsters….

If you missed yesterday’s post here it is