ARty Lisbon – A REvisit

This post is so beautiful and the artist awesome…I love it and it definitely on my bucket list…At this rate I need to live to be 200 to do everything 🙂

Global Housesitter x2

Why go back to Lisbon for the 2nd time? As I mentioned in a previous post, we had the option between London and Lisbon.  We have visited London numerous times and Lisbon only once.  Both have multiple galleries, shops, cafes, museums worth visiting with just one city having warmer weather.  Lisbon won hands down.  One of the many reasons why I love Lisbon and generally Portugal as a whole is that it is immensely artistic.

Where can you find art in Lisbon?

From wandering the streets, we have seen fantastic street art to the detailed fine art of the azulejos in churches: and I believe that the Portuguese excel in creating handicrafts, with many being passed down from an old age tradition.  Designing and making things appear to be an innate trait of the Portuguese.  During our travels, we have come across many beautiful crafts that are locally-made.  Designs that combine…

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