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Healthy Eating! Protein Powders and Drinks.

lady holding veggies

I just can’t help is inbuilt in me  I don’t trust any food manufacturers per se I think they are all out to make money from consumers and probably spend more on advertising their wares than they spend on producing the said product.

I have already been told by he who shall remain nameless that lots of athletes and famous people take these products and maybe I shouldn’t believe everything I read and would they really take something which would cause them harm or even endorse something to induce us to buy it???

The answer from me ( and it is my personal opinion) is a big fat YES! It is money in their bank! Come on…

How many foods have been mooted over the years as being the best thing since ” sliced bread”  even sliced bread with its bleached flour and all the other ingredients are not good for you…

INGREDIENTS:  White Bread (Enriched Wheat Flour (Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Iron(Ferrous Sulfate, Reduced Iron), Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, Yeast, Salt, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Malt, Dough Conditioners(Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Sulfate, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate),Calcium Propionate(To Retard Mold Growth))
ALLERGENS:  Wheat, Soybeans, Gluten

All those food colourings which were once so widely added to our foods are now banned in many countries…

Low-fat food… Now that was the biggest diet money spinner ever methinks….What is being said now? All those low-fat yoghurts, cereals, low-fat salad dressings low-fat sandwich spreads…what do they have in common??? Massive amounts of sugar!

I could go on forever but you all know what I am saying don’t you? But how many people are still buying them???


Obesity is on the rise…Cancers are on the rise… skin conditions are on the rise…mood swings, anxiety is on the rise… everything is on the rise….

Well, if you told me the pound was on the rise against the dollar ..I would be ecstatic…I would be jumping up and down…So would you!

But to read about all these other things being on the rise..that is not good….

Now back to protein drinks/powders…I know people who take them…I know they are being endorsed by all these celebrities and I know as well as you do and  I can take an educated guess how much money the industry is worth … I said earlier that I have been virtually told that I talk rubbish sometimes…. I may not know exactly what is in everything and exactly how it can affect us by continually consuming it….BUT….I ain’t stupid either and you may fool the masses…..But you won’t convince me I am wrong ever….

Well, I wasn’t talking rubbish all these years ago back in 1980 when I wouldn’t let my kids have a  Mr Frosty or have slush puppies…Why? My answer was if it does that to your tongue what does it do to your insides…As simple as that!

Freds with blue tongue

Interestingly it is still sold but MINUS those sachets of hyper inducing colours and sugars….I was browsing the internet the other week and lo and behold…I was ecstatic this very fit young man…an athlete was NOT endorsing the use of Protein drinks/powders. He was saying that too much protein is really bad for you and that as a career athlete he kept his body fit by eating a healthy varied diet also he is a fitness trainer and doesn’t endorse the use of protein powders/drinks to his clients.

This made me do my own research and I was not surprised but then  I have never been over the years when all these new things are paraded in front of us…The advertising industry must be laughing out loud all the way to the bank.


This article by Mercola is an interesting one and well worth a read it tells you all the pitfalls of taking protein powders. So many athletes die young and many of those deaths could have been avoided.

Researchers at Oxford University in the UK also found no evidence that protein powders produced any better results than a healthy balanced diet.

Yet that train lumbers on and at speed…..

Forward 10 years from now….What do you think will be the topic of conversation about Protein powders and drinks.?..Will they still be lauded as the best thing since sliced bread?????


I think I will place my bet now!

Rant over and I feel much better for that…What is your opinion on Protein Powders?

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Healthy Cooking with Coconut Flour.

lady holding veggies

Living here coconuts are seen everywhere fresh and in abundance, I have a lovely fresh drink of coconut juice every morning…My coconut milk is freshly made at my local market and it is so lovely for my curries and I know I am so lucky…..

Coconut flour as well I can get freshly made but and I should have written this post a lot earlier because I have had my problems cooking with coconut flour but once you find the brand you like and master just how much liquid that it needs for you to bake successfully … you will be away and never cook with anything else …

If you have allergies then coconuts are a fruit seed and not a nut seed it is a great flour to use if your baking has to be nut free….Although a little bird did tell me that the FDA considers the coconut a tree nut…Really!

Well maybe this is one debate which will linger on and the meantime here is another of my posts on The Coconut and whether or not it is a fruit, a nut or a seed!

coconut mix

This lady is grinding the coconut down to make flour so that they can make their pancakes everything here is still made by hand and the whole family have a part to play it is lovely to see the old and the young working together.

Here is a previous post on traditional handmade  Thai Pancakes.  

Until I came here and for many things, I still do just pick up a packet of the supermarket shelf…never having had really traditionally made food or garments like I see made here before…and now almost on a daily basis I see so much made from scratch it really makes me feel humble …I cook but I don’t know if I would go to all that bother every time I make pancakes…Because I do think most of us would think it a chore…

The problems of baking with coconut flour and how to avoid them. 

Flour….Coconut flour has a lovely light texture and produces lovely baked goods. but the absorbency does vary between brands as I mentioned earlier.

One of the most common complaints about coconut flour recipes is that they take a great many eggs.  And they really do.  But eggs, or egg replacements, really are important in coconut flour baking.This is due in part to the remarkable absorbency of coconut flour, but eggs also give it structure in the absence of gluten.  It seems to require more structure than other low carb or gluten-free flours, so foregoing the eggs or egg replacers, or significantly cutting back on them, is not recommended.

Does the baking taste eggy? is it rubbery? I don’t think so but if you are allergic to eggs or are vegan you can use flax-seed meal and water to replace the eggs.

I think it is worth persevering and sticking to the same brand of Coconut flour as then you will know what it’s absorbency rate is. Also, the size of your eggs and they do vary so consistency is the name of the game when using Coconut flour in your baking and you will find it so worthwhile as it is a lovely flour and one of the healthiest flours around.

Also when measuring out your flour do not pack it into the cup but lightly fluff up your flour and dip your measuring cup into the flour and level with a knife in the normal way but do not press it down and add more.

Less really is more with coconut flour so although it initially may seem expensive against other flours you do not use do much.

Coconut flour stores really well in an airtight container although I keep mine in the fridge here as it is so hot and humid.

I hope this has helped you if you have struggled with cooking with coconut flour but try to persevere and once you get used to it hopefully you will love it like me and reap the benefits healthwise.

Just looking at my lovely trees heavy with coconuts screams healthy, doesn’t it???

So many lovely products can be made from the whole tree and it would be such a shame if you didn’t get the benefits from its lovely, healthy flour with just a little perseverance it will pay you back with immense benefits.

Enjoy your cooking with coconut flour …





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All true teas – not herbal tisanes or infusions are made from the Camellia Sinensis. These plants grow in warm climates with the very best teas coming from the highest altitudes – at that level the plant leaves are slower to mature and this means that they have a much richer flavour. Although the plants all come from the same strain – Camellia Sinensis – different growing conditions such as altitude, climate and soil will affect the flavour of the tea.

It is when the processing takes place that the difference appears between black and green teas. There is in fact another tea in the middle of these two, which is a…

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Thank you very much, Claire, for including my post on How to make Coconut Nut Oil on your lovely blog it is inspirational 🙂

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File_000 (4)

We have also celebrated my daughter’s birthday this week and we did wonder what we were letting ourselves in for when we agreed that she and her friends could have an evening at home….pizza, popcorn, films.  Eleven girls, aged 15 & 16, on a school night – how hard could it possibly be?  Actually it was easy….but extremely loud!  The girls restored my…

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After the Light, After the Love – Cover Reveal.

My buddy Steph has just revealed her cover and it is cool I think…I love it! You can also pre- order..If this one is as good as the last two books are you in for a treat…

S C Richmond

After a year of hard work I can finally give you a glimpse of the cover for After the Light, After the Love which is due for release mid October 2017.  Book #3 in the Alex Price series.

front (1)ATLATL


Pre orders being taken now.

Alex Price Trilogy

To catch up please check out my Amazon author page or my website S C Richmond Author

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Welcome to more posts from YOUR archives rather than mine. An opportunity to share blog posts from your early days of blogging or that you feel you would like to share with a new audience.. Mine. You can find details at the end of the post.

I am delighted that Carol Taylor who is sharing Wednesdays with me in Cook From Scratch with Sally and Carol, has volunteered to fill the Monday Midnight slot until Christmas with some of her archived posts.. Today reflections on her childhood.

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be – David Avocado Wolfe by Carol Taylor

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During my life I have done a mixture of all of those, some I am glad…

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