Dragon Fruit….Fruit Weekend

It’s fruit weekend at #thelme55 is anyone else going to join us? It would be lovely AND INTERESTING  to hear about what fruit you get where you live. I know a lot of goods are exported around the world and some you can get everywhere….like “The Banana” but there are some that you don’t see or know about so maybe don’t  buy…. so come on please Join Us!chicken-521097_1920

Source: Dragon Fruit….Fruit Weekend

9 thoughts on “Dragon Fruit….Fruit Weekend

  1. myjourneyto10aday

    I love dragon fruit but it’s so expensive here in England, I’ve been having lots of mango recently! I’ve just started a blog all about fruit and veg, and how to get 10 portions a day! I’d love a bit of feedback from such a pro blogger!



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