From Sticky Rice to 100% whisky.

This year we spend our New Years Eve in a Thai Village. Not wanting to go empty handed I was scouring the shops and markets for something unusual, to take with me.You know what I mean that special something. Looking at the lovely display of different food and drink stuff some I knew and loved and others I hadn’t a clue.Spying an earthenware pot nestled in a box of straw that asked for closer inspection and I made the assumption that is was honey.  Well, it had bamboo sticks which I assumed were to stir it with….WRONG….. Bigtime….100% proof Laos whisky and it looked authentic. laos-whisky-3….

Well, girls…how many times have you seen a man’s face truly light up when being given a gift???…..Well, it happened….It was a look of pure joy…..

His wife……looked and smiled and said he will be very Mao… means drunk.

Oh dear…I thought but it went down very well and not quite as I imagined…. It was a major operation to get the clay stopper off had string through it to pull, but when one of the party lets go and the string pulls through…plan B springs into operation.

The lid was eventually prised off. The next view was straw and rice…mmmm….OK….Then out came the bamboo stirrers which were in fact, straws which were pushed through the rice and straw and it was offered around to drink.

I wasn’t first to accept the offer as I was not sure what was underneath….but as it happened it was surprisingly nice……

The aftermath …well they dropped like happy flies…

At a purportedly 100% proof that really was not surprising.

After a great new years eve, I was up at 6.30 after sleeping on a 2-inch mattress on the floor…it was lovely walking around the village everyone was just stirring…lighting their fires and I don’t know how many cocks were crowing. It was then a short ride on a motorbike open to all the elements, hold on tight sidecar ride to the farm….

 One man cart loaded was off to sell his pork around the village, freshly butchered it looked a treat.

The men half of their daily chores already completed are waiting for breakfast…

The campfire was on and the beef steak was being cooked over an open fire….no posh grills.

It was so tasty and tender dipped in a spicy chilli blow your head of dip, next came some BBQ offal which again was moreish.

That dip was amazing!

 I passed on the next bit as it was not something I recognised and as a cows ding a ling had passed by me earlier I took a guess at maybe ….balls..mmmm… I just couldn’t but a small glass of Hung Thong completed my early morning tasting session.. went down a treat.

With invitations to join them later for more celebrations ringing in my ears, I took my leave.

 That was the start to my New Years day…. How was yours????

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