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Willie Wonka…

GENE Wilder

The man who enthralled millions of children and adults has  sadly passed away aged 83.

One of our families favorite films and in fact it was only a few weeks ago that we watched it AGAIN for the zillionth time.

And not for the last. time..I couldn’t count how many times we watched it and even the luscious Johnny Depp was never Willy Wonka in our eyes there is only one Willy Wonka and that was Gene Wilder.

So rest in peace Mr. Gene Wilder because you sure must have had a golden ticket to get upstairs to see the big man.

Gene Wilder    11-06 1933 to 29-08-2016      You will live on forever in lots of children’s hearts and their childrens, childrens hearts.



If I had a brain I would be Dangerous!



Trust me that is exactly how I feel today!

Left half my shopping in Topps and the more expensive stuff.

Tried to phone but no English option…I knew I should have persevered more with my Thai.

It’s as black as black out there and it will cost me probably half as much to go back to get it …If the next person didn’t pick it up. If it really rains the high street will flood anyway and that’s a nightmare…so think I will write that one off.

To say I am p****** off this week is an understatement the rain is still merrily coming through  the ceiling and not been fixed… I know now how people cracked under Japanese water torture….. Drip, drip ,drip all night….I have now sent them a video so they can hear the drips!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also nearly severed the top of my finger this week doing what I have always told the kids not to do…. use a very, just sharpened knife to try and prise the lid off…straight  cut round nail and finger…..

Is it my age????????    Or just a bad week??????????????????


Rant over….Sorry guys ….But not been a good week………..










26 Week Letter Challenge ” X”

Oh my….. ” X “

Please see Lori’s here

Now I am away to peruse my photos…I could  be awhile…or I could never come back…..Laters!

Got one albeit not mine but Public commons Images…..X- Ray Fish.

x ray fish 1

Did you know ( I didn’t) That the Chinese word for Watermelon is ” Xigua

And I have photos of those.


Well that’s all for now only 2 letters to go Y and Z.

What will I do next anyone know of any exciting challenges ????????????????

A journey from Naples to Cochin!!

Those of you who know me know how much I love cooking…Presentation and I mean real spot on ..beautiful presentation I have always wanted to master. This post shows you step by step and it looks amazing….Enjoy!


Just as in art, music, dance, and literature, trends in cooking go in and out of vogue. The latest movement to sweep the world’s kitchens is molecular gastronomy, essentially the application of the scientific method to food preparation and presentation.

It is imperative to not only create a mouth-watering dish, but to produce one that looks good too. The visual presentation of your plates should stimulate the appetite; in this post I will show you food presentation with a few simple tips and tricks. Once you learn the basics you enjoy it more than cooking.

So, what is plate presentation? How do you design a plate? What are the do’s and don’ts? These are things which we will discuss here. The first step is to try to visualize the plate in your mind. What do you want it to look like? Is there a design idea you want to deliver…

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Medicine Woman’s Larder – Salmon – A plate of Omega 3

A lovely easy to read and understand article on one of my favorite foods and do I not always give you a recipe when I can? favorite Salmon dish served with great advice from Sally 🙂

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Medicine Womans larder

Much of the salmon available today comes from fisheries and conditions and feed of these farmed fish have improved through regulation in recent years. However, I am not convinced by the publicity and prefer to eat fish that has been caught in the ocean and to me there is definitely a difference in the taste of this salmon. You can buy ocean caught fish frozen or fresh, but be prepared as Salmon prices have been higher in the last couple of years due to longer winters and shorter fishing seasons in the north.

There is always some concern about the levels of mercury in fish and studies indicate that ocean caught salmon from the northern seas and rivers have levels that are considered to be low and safe for more regular consumption.

Salmon has been on my ‘must eat’ list for a long time and in this day and age…

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Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen. Mark Twain.

Wow…..Now, how true is that??????

I am coming up to my next ” Born Day

Maybe that’s why I  have ‘deliberated, cogitated and digested’ which was Loyd Grossman’s catchphrase and for reasons unknown to me just keep popping into my head.

I never have or will buy ready-made sauces……Come

Anyway….. My plan is going ok’s nice to have a bit of focus…

Oh Yes!   I have also been busy on which has not been and still isn’t easy……talk about well if I didn’t already have grey hairs….I would now! It is the most frustrating website ever…..Yes ever.!…but the stubborn streak in me just keeps going back and when I think yehhhhhh it’s sorted…It’s not!

But it would help build my profile if you lovely peeps would pop over..have a look..maybe subscribe to me?????…

So sort of my point is …Am I…A travel writer?


A food writer?

Batu and veggies

Just a rambling this is my life writer? Who am I?

This is definitely some sort of who am I crisis……. Is it an age thing?

In my head I am still 30 something… my “Born Day” approaches I am definitely NOT!

10638008_10152294106710848_1574414217_n  I now know polystyrene cool boxes are not for plonking your butt on….. The reverse ice challenge!

By now I hope you haven’t lost the will to live….. I hope you forgive my rambles….it’s that bl…….dy catchphrases fault…I was not even a fan and my all-time teeth grinding ..turn it off song…..Perfect Day!

Is there such a thing????????




26 Week Letter Challenge “W”

Well it was just by the seat of my pants…phew….. Now we have “W” and it’s getting so near the end of this one …. See Lori’s Here  She has some great photos.

I am sure I can’t match these…I just point and click and it’s all about luck… certainly not judgement with  moi….

Well….Water which we have lots of it here…Floods, sea, lakes and Songkram..Thai new year when there are lots of water pistols and some are sure big boys.


Whats next ?   Water Buffalo who sure look a tad grumpy at being watched…

Wat’s ( Temples) to us …All beautiful..some grand and imposing , some remote and hard to find and they are the gems the little known beautiful.


And No!  I haven’t done the obvious….Not a hint of wine…although I could have…ha ha and those who know me would have expected that….but….Not on this occasion  I often do the unexpected!