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Saangchai and my life with humans.


Woof…..guess what????….I saw some pictures of my mum today…woof…. Soi Dogs that wonderful place which looked after me and took me of the streets until I got my forever home…woof. Looked after mum until she got adopted…woof

My mum was adopted by a lovely couple in the Uk…woof. Soi Dogs
 organised all that to make sure she got a really good home…isn’t she lucky?…Her name now is Sansa…woof

She travelled all that way on one of those  noisy metal birds which go up so high in the sky…..woof….Lucky for me when I moved house I had a nice bed in the Fronteria and air con and got lots of stops. I think I would have been very scared to go on one of those metal birds…woof…

My mum… woof must be very brave to go on one of them but I know cos my human mum said that nice people go with them so they don’t get scared and woof isn’t my mum pretty…woof…my human mum says she has the same eyes as me..woof

My mum….Woof…..


If you love dogs and could give a dog like Saangchai and Sansa a new forever home  please contact Soi Dogs they work tirelessly here in Thailand by running  sterilization and vaccine  clinics they also help stop the meat trading in Dogs. 12143301_978517542189981_966576195525016972_n 12122711_978517528856649_3893577881246430365_n 12108723_978517515523317_8241193445479086222_n These dogs were the lucky ones! …. if you can help please contact Soi Dogs
… 🙂 They would be so pleased to hear from you and if  you can’t adopt, then maybe consider a donation or offer  some other help. They also have a FB Page

Woof….. Saangchai and Sansa( woof) my mum…woof….. I am so pleased I have a picture  of my mum…woof……woofs and tailwags……..Saanchai


My “Luffa” babies are 3 weeks old!

From this ……


To this in just 3 weeks!


So guys and gals just so you don’t get bored with me banging on about my babies…  there will be no further updates until they are at least half way grown….I am going to plant them out in a few days . First I need to get some nice sturdy twigs to train them up…got to give them a helping hand. Then I will sit and wait until they are fully grown and producing flowers. Exciting.. I can’t wait to try the gourd and cook with it… and then when they bigger I will have my own home grown ” Loofah”

It doesn’t much to excite me does it????

Until next time ..thank you for your likes and follows, stay safe, laugh a lot and be happy!


26 Week Letter Challenge “O”

Well indeed it is.. Oh!

I haven’t got a scooby yet but you can click here  for Lori’s

Be back soon with mine……..

Fried ” Onions”


The ultimate little bite to go with your champagne is Oysters.

raw oysters

My favorite accompaniment is a lovely chilli dip with my Oysters..yum…but if I have to…. lemon will do…..

Lastly the staple ingredient in any Thai Kitchen is ” Oyster Sauce



Oh..not so easy to find pictures for this…it’s “P” next time so hopefully a tad easier…ha ha

A-Z Challenge “D”(People Edition) 4th Post.

Oh dear…

I spent a good part of yesterday stalking blogs and lo and behold without trying today this lovely lady appeared

This blog is a dream not only does it have delicious  recipes that are Indian spicy and is ad FREE. It is a mixture of travel, food and some amazing art.

Divya is  an artist, teacher and  blogger who at one time had three separate blogs and has now merged them into one. Her photographs are amazing and complement this lovely blog.

Divya is an amateur baker and cake decorator . She experiments as well as  using treasured family recipes from the  South India of her childhood. Her recipes are all vegetarian and egg free unless Divya states in the recipe.

Her blog …A love story of New York… is beautifully written, you must visit this lovely blog to appreciate the work of Divya…..her artistry is also beautiful and I love her table. Lovingly hand painted…

Divya Isn’t it beautiful?


so pop along and explore  you will not be disappointed 🙂


While I have been researching blogs my two biggest bugbears have been ads, comments(grrrr) and Gravatar…yes folks it’s that word again! Boy is this list growing… it could be a seperate blog soon….No!

And ” Just Saying” my baby Luffa is doing great…. still growing at an amazing pace 😉

Thank you Divya for agreeing to help me with my blog challenge…..I hope people enjoy your blog as much as I do 🙂

Oh and nearly forget to mention Gary who is the cause of my headaches…lol..but love the challenge

Phew this like doing an Oscar speech…   😉



A-Z Challenge “C”( People Edition) 3rd Post.

I am loving this challenge as it is allowing me to tell the blogger what I really like about their blog..much more than you can put in a comment. So thank you gapawa for this brilliant brain wave.

Well what a treat I have for you….. I chanced upon  in my quest for that very special “C”. The very first thing that caught my eye was the Saturday Soup….Pumpkin, Coconut and lemon grass..3 of my favorite Thai ingredients and the wonderful easy way Chez ( pronounced Shay) has of not only giving you a soup recipe but an insight into her life..both travel and home and also other soups which invoke happy, warm memories of mum’s and family, cold ,damp childhood days when soup was the staple and loved. All enhanced by beautiful photography.

Not only does Chez give soup..but cake…..sssshh with Whiskey….something tells me this lady likes the finer things in life and appreciates good food and drink 🙂

Now for your treat……I think this is very nice of me to share this and not keep all to myself but how could I? I love sharing great recipes 🙂

Chez Tonic

My favorite Tanqueray Gin no less and a tonic recipe will never ever pull that metal ring and pour it over your gin again…This is sublime, the ultimate in a mixer and just what gin deserves and no I am not including the recipe for you…you will have to pop over to Chez’s blog and find it…ha ha…….Now you can all guess what I will be making this weekend 😉 If I can get Cinchona bark which gives the quinnine flavour of tonic…..but Chez has it covered, if you can’t she has given us the link to a man who can!

Do pop over to Chez Moi and I know you will be as enthralled as I was…. it is a mixture of travel, food, reflections on life, childhood memories  all wonderfully illustrated with beautiful photography.

For me it resonates and strikes a chord as I live in Asia, love the food and the flavours, the vibrance and the calm of daily life. As you know we have recently moved and are exploring our surrounding ( once this dang water) is sorted…. And my baby( Luffa) is doing well! Just saying!

Thank you Chez for the tonic recipe 🙂 and letting me share your lovely blog and the gin picture 🙂

Now it begins again… my quest for that special blog beginning with ” D”

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and laugh a lot 🙂



Achari Aloo: Potatoes cooked in Pickling Spices

Oh I love Aloo and normally make with spinach but this is a Aloo with a difference lots of spices sounds lovely and one to make 🙂


Food Like A Loving Touch Or A Glimpse Of Divine Power Has The Ability To Comfort…


Let’s say we all have our Comfort foods.I for one crave a simple meal especially after a busy day at work,perhaps when I’m low and even especially after travelling and being away from home for awhile.It also has a lot to do with the kind of flavours one grew up on.I spent a large part of my childhood with my grandparents.My grandmother was a great cook and while meat and fish dishes were a regular  at the dinner table,she cooked a variety of vegetarian meals as well.And yes potatoes were always the family favourite.She would often make potatoes with onions and spices and this was very often made it to our lunch boxes..There are certain flavour’s that linger on and taste just like childhood.Well here is a recipe that reminds me of my grand mom’s…

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It’s still growing!


Wow they just keep on growing, my ” Luffa” babies are now 2 weeks old.

Nothing I have ever grown has grown this quick… I just hope I don’t wake up one morning and they have taken over…….

Well not much more I can say about these until they produce flowers and Loofah’s.

If you have read this far and not lost will to live as you have  ” Luffa ” overload then I am now going to rant!!

This new A-Z ( People Edition) challenge I am doing has led me to reading lots of different blogs…I am now trawling through any blog beginning with ” C”……My rant is do some of you not want people to follow your blog????? Do you just write for yourself??? Because the amount of Gravatar’s that have a very nice picture of a cat or suchlike but nothing else. is unbelievable, I can’t access your blog and like anything. Even some people who like my blog…I can’t reciprocate cos you don’t tell me how…it is really frustrating…so pretty pleasssse check your Gravatar and if you have no contact details and want people to follow you, like you, make a comment on your blog please add your web address and we can do it!

Rant Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love you all Carol 🙂