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Gap! Hugh’s Photo Challenge!

Not one to pass on a challenge from Hugh @ Hugh’s Views Click Here I thought long and hard about this one….should I snap a gap in the hedge? The beautiful blue sea  as I gaze through the trees, the inevitable gap in my grandkids teeth when they are loosing their little  milkies and getting their big gnashers. The choices were endless.

So Mr. Hugh I chose this…..if you never hear from me again..she may kill me….Party’s on Bangtao beach and me I( my remains) will be in the firework which goes up at midnight 😉

Age Gap! One which I love to see  whether you are young or old you can learn a lot if you bridge that gap.

SAM_3838 (1)

My beautiful mum with my son’s friend now look what he made her wear…she looks mortified …NOT….that look of well….michief and fun I would say sums up my mum and definitely bridges that ” Age Gap”

SAM_3946 (1)

What else can I say but “I love that Lady who is my mum”



Chickpea Curry (Chana Ko Tarkari)

This recipe for Chickpea Curry  is from Nepali Cuisine posted by  Roxanne @ The Lemon and the Jar ……….Click Here for the recipe. I have adapted it slightly and used the Chattinad mix that I made last week instead of Curry powder. It is the first time I have made a chickpea curry and it is lovely and I will definitely be making it again.


The Chattinad curry mix which came from Madrassi @ a Tamilian Tale is really nice and one I will be making again although not yet as I have enough mix to make at least 2 more curries.

It is very quiet here as  Aston went to Udon Thani today so we won’t see him now until we move which hopefully won’t be long…mid April ish……So I am busy clearing out and using up from the freezer/fridge so tomorrow as I have a few packs of ripe bananas it will be muffins. I am hoping by the middle of next week I will have used up and cleaned out a fair few containers. I am definately on a roll today. If it isn’t gonna be used then it’s being binned and you know all those jars with about an inch of something in , now empty and cleaned out ..our little bottle man is going to have quite a lot of plastic and glass to collect this week..bless him. He works so hard up and down with his little trolley collecting bits here and there he could certainly put a few people in the western world to shame. He must walk a fair few miles a day and in this heat and he always has a smile.

So until next time…laugh a lot, be kind and stay safe…Love you all xxxx


Chettinad Chicken Masala

I made this curry today inspired by Madraasi @ a Tamilian Tales and her recipe for Chettinad Masala Powder or paste Click Here for the recipe. This inspired me to make this Chicken Masala.

Firstly  it was time to make the powder , the roasting of the spices was fine but the grinding ..I now have aching arms but a wonderful smelling kitchen.

SAM_7721 SAM_7722   SAM_7723

Now to the recipe for the Chicken Masala.

500gm Chicken.

2 tbsp Oil.

1 large Onion.

2 Large tomatoes pureed.

1-2 sprigs Curry Leaves.

1 Bay Leaf( Optional)


1/8th tsp Tumeric.

1/4 tsp Chilli Powder.

2 tsp lemon juice or Natural Yoghurt.

4 garlic cloves chopped finely.

1in piece fresh ginger chopped finely.

Salt as required.

Marinade the chicken.

Add oil to pan and cook onions until golden, this add more flavour.


Add  3 tbsp of Masala mix and stir.

Add chicken, curry leaves and tomatoes.


Add little water, bring to slow boil and reduce heat to simmer until chicken cooked.


Serve with boiled rice, Mango Chutney and or nan bread.

This is a lovely curry well-flavoured and not over the top spicy.



Serve with Nan bread or mango chutney and boiled rice.

Enjoy. laugh a lot and stay safe. Love you all x


What could be sweeter?

I thought long and hard about Hugh’s Challenge…well 5  minutes tops…lol….As we are unlikely to get any Easter Eggs here unless it’s a Kinder Egg and that’s not really an Easter Egg is it? Hugh has a lovely picture of an easter egg and you can read all about his challenge right here so Click Here .

I could have shown you a picture of Hot Cross Buns but they are not in the oven yet!

So my mind went back to my grandsons birthday and the lovely cake we bought him…which he ended up wearing .SAM_2740.JPG..courtesy of his father who thought it hilarious..they are always pranking each other….But  to me it is the sweetest photo and shows  what a great little sport he is.

I just love this  picture of him.

Lastly and this is the serious bit please take a quiet moment and remember , remember those poor souls who lost their lives in Brussels and those who didn’t but will live with it forever. May God Bless you all.

When you have done that laugh, stay safe and enjoy your friends and family…because the bastards won’t win!


Love you all xxxxx




I once read an article which stated that we could go around the world with the people we knew and they knew in 6 people which is weird but true.

I have only know Sally from Smorgasboard through likes and shares but when you dig deeper we have a bit in common.

We both owned a tri – coloured Collie, ours was named Sam.


At one point we also lived fairly close to each other in the Uk and now we are both moving around the 15th April or thereabouts….coincidence or what?

Do you have any ties with someone you barely knew  or know but have things in common? Let me know….



Reading Hugh News latest post made me smile ..but a great little story caused by a Potato Peeler of all things. If you haven’t read it then Click Here this bought to mind one of my most spectacular Blackouts…..I don’t do things by halves…not this girl…ha ha


The queue was never-ending and I was hopping from foot to foot and thinking how come there is NEVER a queue for the gents…..What ladies do when that door closes has always been one of lifes great mystery’s.

Next thing I knew  my face was being lightly slapped and someone calling ” Carol, Carol ” opening my eyes I saw a drop dead gorgeous medic……I still needed to do that wee….” Come on girls, let this lady go through, the queue parted …” I’ll stand outside while you go love. Call me if you need anything” my brain was too foggy to answer that…

Well ,women being women you can just imagine the comments ” some people will do anything to jump the  queue”, my friends…ha ha…..” bet she did that on purpose, who wouldn’t want her pulse taken by him”…no sympathy whatsoever…I was hurt….Not!

That’s better…” Come on love…sit down and I will take your blood sugars” etc..they were fine, so against medical advice….I was fine really it was that queue. Up I got and completed my 26.2 miles….marathon

After all a promise is a promise and it was for a good cause.. Breast Cancer….the next time we aimed for the mens sign.SAM_7565..No more queuing for this lady!


Thank you Hugh for invoking that memory….I still have my medal….and my memories of that day………so everyone have a great week, laugh a lot and stay safe 😉


Saang Chai……my life with humans!

Shooooosh..Hey I’m mistress has gone to get a fresh Coconut drink and I thought I would sneak on…she has been working like a trojan on her book and a dog hasn’t had chance to get a word in…..I shadow her and zilch… but she’s been gone a while and I can hear her talking so if I type quick I can update you on my exploits…all good..woof!

We are moving soon and I am going on a plane not sure if I like that idea but spose it’s better than being in a truck or car for 18hours..that’s what mum says anyway and she knows best. I must have cage so she’s getting one from the vets this week to get me used to it..she doesn’t me to get scared..but I’m tough…wooof

We are getting a house…she said, with a garden that is walled in.. so Houdini can’t get out…I have never met this Houdini don’t know who they are, woof….

Our garden is big here with lots of trees and lots of places I can get out…..but I bring presents back……my mistress doesn’t like it though and my master went to see the man who keeps  putting presents out for me…he he …he has now put a cage round his black bags with such big gaps.. I can just walk straight in and get a bag… master is quite angry..but what’s a dog to do we all get the bags and love seeing what’s in them.


I was very sick the other week though and had to go to the vet…he gave me an injection and tablets and my mistress kept saying to me I was a silly boy and why did I eat things from these bags when she cooked me nice food…well she does…I get fresh cooked chicken and kidneys..all sorts and nice bones but I am a dog……woof



I don’t bark and growl at her friends anymore and then I get lots of pats so that’s good

Uh Oh…here she comes best go…until next time and I will tell you all about my plane ride…woof