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The best Ladies and Gents signs I have seen in ages!

We visited a local hotel as our daughter was staying there and it is rather retro…these ladies and gents signs caught my eye.


The use of kitchen spoons and decorating bits( paint brush) made them quite unique.



For the gents it was plumbing items and an old pair of goggles..very ingenious……I just love anything that is quirky and these were certainly that.

Well that’s it for now short and sweet… grandson kindly shared what he had with me …so it’s back to bed to feel sorry for myself …I hate being ill…until next time take care, stay safe , laugh a lot, love you all 🙂

Wat Phra Nang Sang(Seng)

The oldest temple in Phuket dating over 500 years old hosts this Annual Market each year. It is a mix of old and new , the temple  its exact age unsure has been renovated and rebuilt in parts over that time. One story says a powerful southern Thai ruler had the temple built for his wife. Another story says that the temple was built-in honour of a princess who was due to be executed, although she had been framed and was innocent. When she was executed she bled white blood, thus showing her purity. The temple is also called Wat Luad Khao (White Blood Temple).At that time Thalang was the main town in Phuket.

Tonight it is hosting some amazing Thai Food and we are awed at the site of some lovely statues and buildings. The food includes insectsSAM_7518SAM_7491 of all sorts which are a delicacy here, Thai sausagesSAM_7516 of all sorts, glorious sweet dishesSAM_7494SAM_7513 to tempt your palate and so much more.SAM_7490Quail spit roasted. Lovely fresh vegetables to make a delicious papaya Salad or Som Tam as it called in ThaiSAM_7497


SAM_7498    I could go on tempting your taste buds as there was soooooo much lovely fresh food. Bamboo filled with black and white sticky rice.SAM_7501     Delicious squid SAM_7514SAM_7515 dipped in an amazing, hot chilli sauce. Our senses and taste buds were just zinging!

That’s all for now, in another post I will tell you more about this lovely temple but for now I will leave you maybe wishing you were here.

Stay safe, laugh a lot and be happy..Love you all 😉




How to Add a Mailchimp Newsletter to Wordpress.Com Blog – with Style!

A great post to show you how to add a newletter to your blog and so easy. Have fun everyone.

Aniko Carmean

The true gift of having a clearly defined definition of success is that you begin to find exactly what you need to achieve that success. I discovered  YOUR FIRST 1000 Copiesby Tim Grahl exactly when I needed a guide for book marketing. I want to get the word out about my books, and I want to do it without being subservient to a cumbersome system I neither understand nor enjoy. Grahl gives me a blueprint to achieve that, and having a newsletter is an integral element in his system. In this post, I share what I’ve learned about setting up a Mailchimp newsletter and integrating it into your (free) blog.

Here are the main points I will cover:

  • Getting started with Mailchimp
  • Customizing Your Mailchimp sign-up form to coordinate with your blog
    • Use Google’s built-in developer tools to find the hexidecimal code for colors on your site
    • Set the font or…

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Happiness is???????


What is happiness? Well, I think it’s what you make it…..for me it’s family, friends, my dog, a sunny day..too much, I would be here for ever…. it’s anything that makes you smile.

Our daughter is over from the Uk so we have been exploring, showing her our world here….she has tried fried ants..jury’s out on that one…ha ha..the frogs she gave a miss….


Bang Phut… a little Sea gipsy village she loved….

Sea gypsy villageWe ate fresh sea food and lovely fresh mango salad a virtual feast. Life so tranquil here, a world away from the hustle and bustle which is London or any other city.

Also on our agenda was Wat Bang Riang..this temple is one I visited a while ago and wanted to take her to see, it is so lovely but very remote..this time we went armed with pictures and like the previous time when we didn’t find it..on showing a little Thai lady our pictures her face broke into a smile as she pointed at this sign, very much hidden by a large bush and we were only 5 minutes away……. little do we know how many other intrepid travellers did the same as us and drove in, saw nothing but an abandoned temple and drove away…. disappointed??? For us ..not this time… We found it!

12438972_10208356197080417_4444443001970834483_n  wat bang riang wat bang 12523111_10208356198240446_4953626028331349343_n 12509297_10208356196840411_5332725790380474060_n 

A delightful temple tucked away in a valley..absolutely beautiful, we were so pleased we had found this gem on this trip and could show our daughter.

On arrival, you will be given traditional Thai trousers and tops to wear if your attire is not suitable…Shoulders should be covered, knee length skirts or shorts are ok. Monks live here and it is a peaceful, respectful haven where you will see lots of beautiful statues, a lovely seated golden Buddha, a large imposing statue of Kwam Im who is the Chinese goddess of mercy. This is my personal favourite.

There are a lot of steps down to see her but for those who cannot there is seating and they can watch and drink in the views which are all around you, neatly tended fields on the side of the mountain and so steep….How the farmers get there I don’t know but they do they must be as nimble as mountain goats.

view from Wat bang Riang Phrang Nga

I hope if you go, you enjoy this Temple as much as I did…I have been twice and will go again.

That’s all for’s time for a sundowner…Chok dee Ka ( Cheers)


I hope you enjoy reading my posts and it takes you to Thailand from your armchair. If you did please share or reblog so others can enjoy …


2015 in review…yehhhh found it!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,300 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies

I have had fun looking at everyone’s New Year Resolutions, the wonderful recipes, Mango Curry by Freda@Aromatic Essence , scary stories which means I will never , ever look at a lippie in the same  way..Hugh @ hughsviewsandnews…Yearly stat’s to show our success,and who’s lost the e-mail and can’t find it???? lost in  the ethos…. wonderful photos of snow.. Thank you Ann ….which I love..but love being warm even more. I have written a few more, chapters to my novel ” A Fathers Nightmare.

I have sent a letter of complaint as the only chocolate gifts I purchased for my grandkids ..were melted…3 letters later….result! Ha ha ….What have I learnt over the years when complaining?……Be Nice..and keep being can’t ignore nice and nice gets you what you want!…No! Not more chocolate!

I have read those blogs which help meimages1EU08Q0G with WordPress, AND please how do I easily link to someones blog? It eludes me! It drives me crazy..It is probably soooooo easy..but for me…Nope! It is my nemesis…

Scrivener mmmm scrivener, word and so much more and thank you ,without those where would I be, I learn about the world ..the wonder of it in pictures, the  sadness and the downright cruelty.

The bush fires in Oz..those poor people who have lost everything… my daughter and son-law and the boys are 100km away from the worst and praying the wind doesn’t change in their direction and at the same praying for the ones who are not so lucky.

My Little Saang Chai has been unwell….he would outclass Houdini in how to escape….and if it’s edible..however dubious….he eats it or brings it home…..3 days of  sickness and not eating..poor boy..but he is back now in full fettle and back to chasing cyclists……so when he feels like blogging again ..will he be truthful..mmmm

Christmas decs are down….doesn’t it look bare?….windows cleaned….and I have a new printer favorite colour..Lime Green long will this one last ? me and printers do not have a good track record..we won’t even go there…

Oh and a word of warning about Pinterest..I recieved this..

We’re getting in touch to let you know we received a copyright complaint and have removed one (or more) of your Pins. The complaint wasn’t directed against you or your Pin; it was directed against another user’s Pin of the same content that was uploaded by a user. While many copyright owners are happy to have their content on Pinterest, we recognize that some do not want their content to appear on Pinterest, or did not receive attribution for the content. When a copyright owner sends us a complete notice per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), it’s our policy to remove the Pin(s).

Again, this complaint was not directed at you, or anything you did: we just thought you’d like to know why we removed your Pin.

Happy Pinning and thanks again for using Pinterest.

I have read a couple of articles about copy right so be careful out there…


So what to blog about? do I carry  on rambling with the occasional recipe? pictures of where I live? and places I have been? my efforts at scribing? the occasional reblog?  So my resolution is to focus..on what I have yet to discover…. Will it be easy? Nope…Worth it? Absolutely.


That’s all for now, carry on doing what you do happy..laugh a lot..Love you all…Big Hugs Carol 😉