One Puppy or more?

Wow…what a week!

Where to start…..Well rain and thunder in copious amounts, severe weather warnings for all of Phuket.

Lovely green grass though so that’s a bonus.The pool is overflowing but still as clear as a bell…….We also decided to get a puppy..with a little help from said grandson.

Tuesday( Monday we were just rained in)  Soi Dogs here we come…. They are a local organization who do a fabulous job in rescuing and rehoming doggies. Thailand has lots of street dogs so they run a spaying and vaccination project, they work tirelessly to help the dogs and also to stop the meat trade in dogs.

We did the tour and spent time in the puppy house…awwwww so many………I sat on the edge of one of their play slides and was joined by two of them, a lovely little black and tan puppy and one who was a tad older who just put his head on my lap and what a frown he had on his face . I was a goner.

The grandson is running around ducking and diving with the puppies having a grand time..who to choose so many”?  ” Well Nannie do you mean a little one or a big one?”

“What little one is your favorite?”

“That little black one” ( the one that sat by me) we might agree on this….yehhhh

“And if it’s a big one?” ..

“The one that frowns….


…..”Just something about him nannie…I don’t what what…. just something”

Is that not a good enough reason? I think so…..

So we form filled, answered questions..not letting this dog  go to anyone..but that’s good.

Now for the garden……Oh Dear!

Well we have a lovely garden…lots of trees and bushes and room to run……but you wouldn’t need to be Houdini to escape……so two gates later either side of our patio..he won’t get out …..yesterday a trip to the local we have everything shop……we need to put something at the bottom of the big gates at the end of the drive ….a 5 inch gapSAM_7000 and apparently if his head gets through the bod will follow…… you see we have to send pictures of the garden from every angle before we can bring him home ….so every last gap has to be closed…..Now the little paws that you see the other side of the gates are the street dogs from next door… which made us think he wouldn’t get through…..well the lovely little mummy of two gorgeous puppies who has suddenly adopted me, oh yes…. because she couldn’t get in the gate she trotted next door and through the gap and voila she was in!  Puppies close behind….I only wanted one!….I think this may be another story……

.Oh dear ……..because originally these houses were built for a couple of families ……so in one corner there are lovely little steps into the next garden and further down the other little house well a gap because we don’t go out of our gate and up their drive  we go through the said gap…..get the picture..It’s a lovely country garden ………..well we have gated the patio and reasoned that he can have the run of that and the house and we can take him for walks which will give the every suffering Mr…….time to scour the garden ……check with the neighbours  whether they want a little gate or a fence? before we let him loose in the garden.

For one little dog a lot of work…lol……

18 thoughts on “One Puppy or more?

  1. Carol Post author

    Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:

    Soi Dogs are a wonderful organisation and it is where we got our forever dog Saangchai so I thought for the next few Mondays I would reblog some older archived posts on Saangchai and Soi dogs…This post is all about how we chose him or he chose us and what precautions we had to do to make our garden escape proof before we passed the checks before they let you have a dog…..I hope you enjoy it 🙂 xxx


  2. Claremary P. Sweeney

    But the love and face slurps you get back will be worth every ounce of work you’ve put in. Thank you for your wonderful comment and yes, I could use any help to make this new blog better. How do I fix this Gravatar problem?


    1. blondieaka Post author

      1. Click on your profile image located next to your WordPress notification bell.
      2. Click on Account Settings
      3. Scroll down to Web Address and replace the address there with Your WordPress address https:// etc

      . Ta da ….. !!! Done!!

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      1. blondieaka Post author

        Well I think one is enough or I did but those little street dogs keep coming back and today I had to let them in as the weather here is atrocious really bad and nothing deserves to be out in that…so watch this space I have arranged for them to be spayed on Tuesday so who knows 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. blondieaka Post author

        Thank you what a lovely thing to say but will say the Thai man who they belong too works hard for 1000b a month ( 22 English pounds) and the lady next door feeds them 1 time a day but they are out all day so they don’t get a fuss made just fed once a day so they probably like the strokes and pats we give them but they in good condition for street dogs so he has done something right but he’ is pleased they getting spayed bless him. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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