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A New Year is like a blank book! The pen is in your hands! Happy New Year.

Hello and a ” Happy New Year ” everyone.

Good News!

On  Friday 26th December Mee & Payu became parents…….both Gibbons are under the care of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre here in Phuket and Mee gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl, an exceptionally rare occurrence in gibbons.

There are no known documented cases of white-handed gibbons successfully raising twins, either in the wild or in captivity; they’re simply not built to handle more than one baby. It, therefore, came as no surprise when very quickly  Mee struggled to manage the twins, who were clinging more to each other than they were to their mother. Despite her best efforts to carry them around, the smaller of the two babies eventually fell from high in the trees, fortunately landing on the soft, springy top of the acclimatization cage underneath. Mee quickly came down and picked him up again but neither infant seemed to find the right position on her body and at times she could be seen carrying them in her feet. After several hours, overwhelmed and exhausted, Mee sadly abandoned them both on the roof of the cage.Born 26 th Dec 2014 twins

The staff at the Rehab centre quickly intervened and made a makeshift ICU for the tiny twins.

…………Twins Born @ Bang Pae Gibbon rehab…….The project said…….” Both twins are back with their mother in the forest after their intensive care stint with GRP staff over the weekend!

On Friday afternoon a confused Mee abandoned both her newborns on the roof of the release cage. Because neither infant had been seen nursing all day, staff had to act quickly to ensure their survival and the babies were rushed to the GRP office where they received intensive overnight care. On Saturday morning the larger, female infant was returned to the forest and presented to Mee, who now had been tempted back into the release cage. To our joy, the new mother came straight over to collect her baby and the rest of the day she was seen caring for her and nursing her very tenderly. It appeared her maternal skills had now kicked in properly!

The smaller male infant spent another 24h being cared for around-the-clock by GRP staff, but on Sunday morning it was decided that we would try to see if Mee would accept him back into her care too. We were extremely pleased when this amazing first-time mother came to collect her second infant as well, cradling both of them in her lap!

Although there are no reported cases in the world of a gibbon mother successfully raising twins on her own, the rarity of this situation is unprecedented and advice from gibbon experts around the world has been to leave the babies with the mother as long as both are nursing. Mee’s maternal instincts now seem very strong and she is also being intensively monitored by GRP staff and receiving support and supplemental feeds. She will now have a chance to raise both her babies herself.

It is however clear that neither baby would likely have survived without the staff intervention over the weekend.”

A lovely story with a happy ending...I will have to go in a few weeks and pay them a visit and feel so lucky to live where such wonderful things happen…. that makes you realise that the world is not all bad…… After all the tragedy that has happened over the last few weeks and my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected it is lovely to hear something as heartwarming as this……..

How do I follow that???……… let’s think…can you hear those clogs whirring?

Those of you that had snow were lucky…….but now Christmas is over my thoughts turn to the New Year and what lies ahead and I can’t wait………

Zorbing or Rollerball is where we were on Boxing day…and NO. I didn’t…

SAM_6304…….SAM_6294……..A flying entry and then rolled at great speed down a hill…..  I left that to my grandson,  I think I will stay with my feet firmly planted on terra firma thank you very much.But Aston had great fun as did the other participants…haha I made a great spectator.

Today I am just chilling with a glass of vino and tomoz…Pool Party Time and then 31st we will be bringing in the New Year… BBQ on the beach……Good Friends…Fireworks…Happy Times…Who will have the best firework display London, New York or Australia??????

I would also like to wish everyone who reads my blog an amazing New Year, The families of the Air Asia Tragedy love and to my friends who are sick may you have a speedy recovery and to everyone else Good Health, Happiness, Peace.

Happy 2015.( Pics will follow in the next blog)

Moikka is Finnish for goodbye…how many of you knew that?

Goodbye ( and that’s English) until we meet again in 2015.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It’s nearly here everyone and then after all that preparation it will be gone!

We are then left wondering why all the panic and last  minute present buying,cleaning and cooking. Was it worth it?

All the queues for the sales start Boxing Day and a lot of the presents we have lovingly bought and some have scrimped and saved to buy are now being virtually given away….why do we do it?

Along the way and through the years the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.

I remember getting a sock with a tangerine in the toe, little packets of sweeties, sugar mice maybe a couple of little presents and being so excited.We only had tangerines at Christmas. My dad would come home Christmas Eve with the Turkey or Capon,Fruit and Chocolates we would be so excited as we only had those goodies at Christmas and would be eagerly awaiting to be asked if we wanted one.

The dustman,milkman and coal man would get their tip and a mince-pie.

I would always get a Rupert the Bear Annual and new slippers and dressing gown. But we were happy..what happened…commercialisation happened…are children as happy with what they get now….I don’t think so..certainly not in the western world….and that’s what is highlighted here…I have noticed the difference in what is in the shops and what the children ask for even my own grandson who was born in the Uk and spent his first 6 years there…….he is happy to just get a new hot wheels car that changes colour and why?  Because his friends don’t have so much…the shops don’t display or have so much and who wants to play inside when you have lovely beaches and waterfalls to visit.

Yes you can get the latest  iphone etc and the young teenagers probably hanker after one but also just to have a cheap Nokia is ok too.

And we say ” must go shopping, we have nothing to eat”…what we really mean is nothing we fancy…..If you say you have nothing to eat here..thats what it social handouts and friends help and share…the elderly are looked after by their families…I could go on……but won’t bore you…we are certainly much happier,definitely less stressed, blood pressure…normal…that is the only normal thing about me …ha ha….it has never been normal…and now it is…..

Today has dawned and it’s dull and overcast..but still warm and humid…..Red Cabbage is simmering away, pastry made and chillin for mince pies and sausage rolls…taste testing of my homemade  Bailey’s is going well…hic…

Last few presents wrapped,

Well that’s it all done dusted and eaten..lots of leftovers….great dinner we were a combination of  US, UK and Deutschland nationals. We all tried dishes traditional to our cultures from Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies, Home Cured Ham, Pumpkin Dip with Ginger Biscuits and Red Cabbage it was good fun and most enjoyable.

Left overs cold meat, pickles, mash potato & hot sausage rolls , had friends over to help us and sent them home with a bag for their doggies..can’t do it 3 days on the trot…..gotta have something different tomoz…..chilli or spag bol or Thai food…..mmmmm Thai food it is…wins hands down…..I get withdrawal   symptoms and have to have my chilli fix.


Weather here is defo on the blink ,rain again and supposed to be high season……Come on sunshine……but it’s still hot… it…..

10 years ago today in 2004 one of the most devastating natural disasters in living history occurred….. it was a hugely traumatizing event.

The tsunami, which hit communities here in Thailand and Indonesia, Somalia and Madagascar, was sparked by a massive, 9.1 magnitude earthquake which struck off the western coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.

The immediate impact was devastation. A staggering five million people needed humanitarian assistance in the first few days following the incident.

The hardest-hit countries  were Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand — people from all walks of life so immediately and profoundly affected gave assistance in their thousands. It shook people to the very core of their being.

Almost everyone had or knew someone affected by this tragedy.

Recently a young  lady got news of her father,unfortunately it was not good but she was able to bury him and mourn properly and here still there are 400  people laying in  metal coffins marked with coded numbers..there are  foreign tourists, Thais and migrant workers although some were working illegally so had no identification and families are or were to scared of being arrested or deported to make enquiries.

It is certainly very sad that so may lie there with no names and just a number.

The answer to the last goodby….. Hwyl fawr was easy it is Welsh.

Oooooopps just realised not one picture  …….Our Christmas Turkey in all it’s glory.

SAM_6285…….lovingly cooked by my son.

Moikka and thank you once again for reading my blog. Back to normalwith the next blog …..more pics for you. Promise.

There is nothing better than a friend, except a friend with chocolate.

Well unless it’s a bottle of wine……I went shopping to get the ingredients for the Irish Cream and I got them all…still in shock as when I have a recipe it’s very rare to get everything I want under one roof or indeed get it all……. or you just drive from one end of the island to t’other in the hope somewhere will have it …….But that’s the downside of living on a tropical island…but lots of positives like lovely fresh fruit, fish and vegetables of all different varieties……So many different types of rice not all bad… into the kitchen to mix the Irish Cream.…..Mmmmm, can’t wait to try it….. Oh and can’t get Peppa Pig….. and no snow!

Funny how one mans treasure is another mans trash..…and how history and artefacts have a  way of making sure that we know of their existence, where would we be if there were no yesterdays just the present….. what a sad, flat perspective we would have of the world…MI_4000Necklace_WikiCommonsThis seemingly innocuous crinkly band of yellow metal is 4,000 years old…….BUT

The necklace, called a lunala, was worn by the early kings of Ireland. It is thought to date from between 2,300 and 1,800 BC.

It was first discovered in March 1945 in Coggalbeg, County Roscommon by farmer Hubert Lannon. He found it in a bog while he was cutting turf and kept it in his home.

Two years later he passed the necklace on to a local chemist Patrick Sheehan, who kept the priceless piece of history in his shops’ safe. There it remained until February 2009, when two thieves grabbed the safe during a burglary. Working with the police, curators from the National Museum’s Irish Antiquities Division found out that the jewellery along with other documents and papers from the Sheehan’s safe had been left in a dumpster in Dublin.

They literally had hours to locate the dumpster before the trash would be collected. The detectives who waded through the dumpster of trash to find the delicate jewellery, which weighs just 78 grams. Must have thought it was like looking for a needle in a haystack ……but the luck of the Irish was on their side…Eureka!

That intrepid band of policeman found it!

In all three pieces, the necklace and two discs, which are thought to be one of the most important archaeological discoveries for many years….. Is it Luck? Fate?  or a set of conjoined freaks of good luck that made it possible?

It seems some things are destined to stay around to remind us of our glorious past…what do you think people will think when our artefacts are found in 4,000 years time?

6 Days to go …am I ready…nearly..… few last-minute bits to buy…..and make…Think I will make a trial run of mince pies today might have to just mix a bit more  Brandy with mincemeat although could use some fresh orange juice mmmmm…nah Brandy…haha….I have to keep it in the fridge here which make it a little harder …..note to self …buy extra fridge after Xmas…As I am doing so much cooking now…pickles etc and have to keep in fridge while fermenting etc as too hot and humid to keep in the cupboard. ( like in Uk )

This is one of my very first attempts at writing.

Penned on the recent Writers Retreat I attended…we were given either an object, a piece of music to listen to, go for a 10-minute walk, taken to a place or shown various pictures and then had 15 minutes to write. As I said before I was amazed at how many different thoughts came flowing out of the 12 of us…….We then chose to read it out or not and would get positive critique. This one I didn’t read out…….But …well it and let me know…..

It shows how just scrolling through posts on FB and something like just a picture just catches you…

Willow the Wisp…by Carol Taylor.

Sitting,  flicking through FB my way of keeping in touch with family and friends from afar. I clicked like, I commented.  Suddenly like a blast from the past, a face appeared: my heart skipped a beat and a tear, unbidden trickled down my face. The outlines were blurred but still …. I felt that familiar stirring from within and I started to shake from the tips of my fingers to my toes.

My thoughts turned to him. The only person who had the power to make my bones turn to jelly.

I suppose the unexpected encounter…just a picture … my guard had dropped or just perhaps my need for someone. If I allowed my thoughts and myself to turn to him then I had to attempt to find some modicum of com­mon ground in the relationship aside from raw, physical sex.

Was that possible?

He was like Willow the Wisp invading my very being, catching me unawares.

My first love and my last. “A bit dramatic” I hear myself saying.

The End!


These are so cute:

….So love these…… if you like these and want to give them a go. It is a basic gingerbread recipe. You can find the recipe, instructions and template on my Pinterest under Christmas Recipes. The template is for home use only which is why I haven’t copied it to my blog but thought they were so pretty  I had to share.

Despite the quaint tradition of building festive gingerbread houses, gingerbread was once pretty serious business…….

Spices……. particularly ginger and cinnamon, have preservative properties, and it is thought that gingerbread was first professionally baked in Europe around the 11th century when exotic spices were brought back from the Middle East…….. Many credit one particular Armenian monk, Gregory of Nicopolis, with bringing gingerbread to France, where highly skilled gingerbread bakers were chosen to form professional gingerbread baker guilds that were highly regarded in the bakery profession.

In certain areas of Europe, only invited members of the gingerbread baker’s guild were permitted to bake and sell gingerbread commercially, with the restrictions only lifted by the Guild at Christmas and Easter – when any old cook or baker could give it a try.

Now, of course, cooks all over the world bake gingerbread at Christmas, some more ambitious than others………. The largest gingerbread house ever created was made by a group of bakers in Texas, the US – they built a 2,520-square-foot gingerbread house to raise funds for a local hospital, containing over 7,200 eggs, 3,000kg of flour, and an estimated 35.8 million calories…Wow some baking what a marathon.

This gingerbread house recipe won’t bake you a mansion but will show you how to create some dinky, pretty gingerbread houses….. So have fun and get making those houses.

Just sampled my first batch. of I….no not all of it…ha ha..and it’s pretty much the real deal……just a slight adjustment as it’s a little too sweet for me and then should be perfick…..yummy and a Merry Christmas…but still no snow……


Did you know?

You can cut soft cheese and bread with dental floss……… well I didn’t but it’s brought back memories of when I was a child and shopping with my mum for cheese …a wire was used …so same difference isn’t it? ….. wow so simple ……


Thank you for reading my blog…Wishing all my readers and their families a very Merry Christmas……..until  next time













Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet!


Oh yes…guess what I have found ???? Recipes for Home Made: Kahlua, Bailey’s and Grenadine and I’m sure if I really looked I could find many more…… ohhhhhh excited or what…yay……

If you can’t find me in the kitchen over the next few days I am probably under the kitchen table…… a girl has got to taste…and my mantra is taste, taste and taste…….what can I say?????…..Merrrrrrrryyyy Christmassssss  x

Bugs or what..kept finding what looked like sugar and thinking someone had been careless..mmmm…..but last couple of days a lot more and my son said mmmmm looks like eggs or something ….having visions of lots of spiders running around…so have had all the cupboards out today in the kitchen and what wasn’t in a sealed container …now is……thrown out a few bits as well…lovely tidy cupboards…my dough dolly which my daughter bought me a few years ago and had not been put up cos couldn’t put anything up in last house…. came to light but she was very soft…think humidity had got through the glaze and so had to throw her away…..sad… but I found some Xmas crackers …bonus….so  even though we live in a tropical climate and lots of my friends envy me…there are down sides it seems to be more humid where I live now than my other house…..but…hey ho….small price to pay, well that and the fact there is no snow!……Ha, Ha…bet you thought I had got over that one……

Brilliant sunshine today again……86 degrees with humidity at  62…..

Do you want the recipe for Bailey’s( Irish Cream)?


  • 10 oz Irish Whiskey
  • 1/2 pt whipping cream
  • 1 can condensed milk.
  • 3 eggs.
  • 1 and 1/2 tbsp Chocolate syrup.
  • 1/2 tsp each of, Vanilla Extract, Coconut Extract and Chocolate Extract.

Home made Baileys

Blend all ingredients together and refrigerate.

Serve cold and or over Ice.

Now isn’t that easy? and …you can get about 4 batches from one bottle of  Irish Whiskey so by my reckoning that’s a real saving and lots of Baileys…yay……

Just heard the news and the siege in Sidney is over…….and at what cost… heart goes out to all those affected by this………..dove-41260_1280

and I am sure I will not be the only one sincerely hoping and praying for peace in the world this Christmas and into the following years…I am not a political person..but please if everyone did or showed a little more kindness to their fellow-men who maybe weren’t so fortunate would the world not be a better place for us and our children to live in?…sorry guys I just had to x

What No Snow! But I have a snowman…..SAM_6240…..he has been around the world with me..bought him in Kentucky and they wouldn’t let him through( when all the liquid scare was on) luckily my cousin was still there and the very kind man run him over to her..he then was posted to the Uk..survived a couple of moves and now is in Sunny  Thailand so a jet-setting snowman…..But my little bit of Xmas cheer…..

Thai Pork and Basil ( Horapa Moo)……..recipe as promised.


For 1 serving.

  • 100gm pork loin.
  • 2/3 birds eye chillies. cut in small slices.
  • 2/3 cloves garlic finely sliced.
  • 2 long beans( snake beans) chopped in small pieces.
  • 2 stems Thai Basil.
  • 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce.
  • Shake or 2 of Maggi ( Thai seasoning sauce)
  • 1/2 tsp black soy.

Let’s Cook!

Put tiny bit oil in small frying pan.

Add Oyster Sauce, Maggi sauce and Black Soy stir to combine.

Add chillies and garlic and cook for  1 minute add finely sliced pork loin-stirring until cooked 2 mins. Add Green Beans and Thai Basil cook for further 2 mins.SAM_6228


Put on Rice first.

Slice meat and cut up vegetables.

Tip: If you can’t get snake beans then french beans will l do. I also sometimes add other vegs i.e asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower or sugar snap peas cut small. Whatever I fancy at the time or have in the fridge.

It’s quick and easy to cook..if you work then you could cut up ingredients and put in the fridge and just as long as it takes to cook your rice you will have dinner…easy peasy… and taste until you get it right for you.

I also buy a piece pork loin cut it into portion sizes and bag and freeze and then just take out as I require thaws quick. If you want  to increase portion for 2 or 3 just double or triple meat, bit more veg but chillies  for 3 people I would use say 3 chillies unless they were like me and like it hot (Ped) just taste and use common sense on veg added….. some like more, some less very personal.

Sayonara if you hadn’t guessed is Japanese…….


Goodbye until next time ….off to have some Pork and Basil….they laugh at me here and just know what my brekkie will be……001……view from my office while I eat my brekkie x

Until next time x





You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live!

Merry Christmas!….only 9 days to go….are you all busy braving the hordes of shoppers this weekend…or arm chair shopping..i’m a bit of both……We have been busy ..still putting up Decorations and tree looks lovely…. but no snow…….I am in a reflective mood as I think we should all remember those less fortunate than ourselves or those alone or recently bereaved as we get into the swing of the festivities….I miss my dad..especially at Christmas.

He was a strict father and a stickler for meals being on time… Christmas I compromised to try to please everyone…as you do… and having about an hour to go…cooking in full swing…my kids said “mum..mum..have you seen what Grandad is doing”?….you would never guess…….there he was sitting up the table in the dining room…knife in one hand and fork in tother……waiting……me… I hissed at the kids ” talk to him..get him a drink..anything” … I laugh now as I picture him in my mind…do miss you dad xxx

SAM_6228…My favorite Pork & Basil ( Moo Pad Horapa)…I must cook this at least 3/4 times a week…I have it for breakfast ,lunch or dinner and that is another thing I love about Thailand you eat what you fancy and when …no set breakfast dishes, or any meal…just what you fancy. …Recipe next week….

Early morning trip to the market 6.30 am…..lovely Pork Roast today…..cooked by my son…well he does cook most days… every week…my friends ask if I can hire him out…lol..and love it when they get an invite as his Pork Crackling ” Is the nuts” his phrasing not mine..ha ha…So just because I can…ha ha….

SAM_6229 ……I’ll post the before and after pics……the smell of garlic and rosemary stuffing is divine…………….SAM_6230…..while I am waiting I am going to watch X Factor before anyone puts the result on FB and spoils it for

Well no sun today…..just very overcast….no rain yet…..

Tomorrow I think I will get all my Christmas cloths etc out and plan my table and might do a trial run of Mince Pies….the mince meat has been fermenting,brewing whatever for a few months now so I think a taste testing is in order and just the smell of them cooking may make me feel a little more’s definately the cold and SNOW…that makes that Christmas feeling and atmosphere…you all so know that until Christmas is over I’m gonna keep harping on about snow and cold ….going back to the UK @ the end September for my nieces wedding…first visit in 4 years so think I may stretch it out for a few weeks so I can soak up some Christmas Cheer and do some shopping…proper size wrapping paper for one ! Yay….

SAM_6233Just look at that lovely crackling! I will say my son is a brilliant chef and I will be his Sous chef any day…….Tastes amazing…just saying…sorry peeps if you lived closer I would invite you to taste test…ha ha….

Once Christmas is over then it won’t be long until my oldest son comes over with his 3 kids and we haven’t seen the kids since we came to Thailand and it is their first visit here so will be busy planning some trips…methinks Big Buddha will be a good one as they can see the Elephants( Chang) and experience some great Thai food and a beautiful view..maybe hire a quad to scoot through the jungle on or an elephant trek.

SAM_3941 (1)

Tchau…any guesses?………it’s goodbye in Portuguese.

Until next time…












It is easier to get older than wiser!

Well, that’s true… am I wiser…Depends…lol……….TIT ( This is Thailand )
TIT ONLY IN THAILAND……..I  never cease to be amazed at how much or how many people you can get on a bike a or in car or lorry.

Do you know if I could have just 1 wish ……it would be to pick this up and drop it smack in the middle of the M25…Ha Ha and watch the reaction……..For anyone who hasn’t experienced the M25 car park, it’s in the UK.



It’s  Thai lesson time soon, my young grandson is helping me with my pronunciation and tones and I am feeling quite pleased so far…..but long way to go…..the teller is when you go out and ask for something in what you think is brilliant Thai and you get that blank look that says ..what!…..but hey ho will keep trying…..

It’s 86 degrees and rising..lovely……but no snow…xmas trees up and decorated, looks lovely…..but no snow……apparently the Uk is going to get some ferocious weather soon and when I see the pics and hear the moans bet I will be glad I have no snow.

The recipe for this week is Squid Salad. ( Yam pra muek ) which is one of my favourites and also one of the first Thai dishes I ever tried or made.


  • 400 gm(14oz) baby squid.
  • 5 Spring Onion.(sliced)
  • 5 sm shallots.( thinly sliced)
  • 20 cherry tomatoes. ( halved)
  • half sm cucumber sliced and quartered.
  • Coriander big bunch or again to taste…I like lots…(chop)
  • Mint. ( optional)
  • 3 birds Eye Chillies chopped( seeds optional)
  • 2 tbsp Fish Sauce.
  • Half lime juice.
  • Palm Sugar ( up to 2 tbsp ) again optional I don’t use but depends on personal preference.

Let’s Cook!

Clean Squid.Getting all membrane off and remember to pull out the plastic quill.

Cut head/parrots beak of tentacles( best bit)

Slice into 3/4 to inch slices.

Combine all ingredients.

Heat a small amount of water in a pan and add squid cook until opaque less than a minute, Drain on kitchen paper and combine with other ingredients.


Again taste and check seasoning. You cannot taste too much.

I just love Thai food one because of the taste and also because of the ease of preparation. It takes longer to chop ingredients than to cook the dish the majority of the time.  And as long as you remember to taste, taste and adjust seasoning to your personal taste and as you know by now I love chillies, fish sauce, coriander and mint in abundance . Enjoy!

Oh and serve with  Sticky/ Steamed Rice or noodles.

Yesterday was  our Craft Groups Xmas Lunch at a local Thai  Restaurant, I had one of my favorites…Massaman Gai and Keow Suey ( Steamed Rice ). Oh…and I think a copious amount of vino…..Massaman is quite a mild Thai   Curry with potatoes ( Man Farang) and what I always have if I am not sure about the other food on the menu…… somehow most restaurants get Massaman right……ha ha…..

The New Year sees me giving a demo on  how I make my jewelery..not sure about this as it comes from within…how do you demonstrate that?……. I just take my materials, cotton , string, beads in my chosen colours and twist and knot as I go …all very individual but no pattern and no two alike so think I will just take my box of goodies , choose my colours and away we go..wish me luck….. If you fancy looking at my creations I have a FB page….Taylor Originals……Don’t quite know why I did that as I don’t sell them just make them for gifts…..just a means of showing my friends and family what I get up to as I am so far away from them.

Very excited as some friends are over from the Uk….meeting them Monday and so looking forward to it……..

Tchau…..anyone guess correct? it’s goodbye in Germanic.

Not long now folks 13 days…don’t know about you but I still have lots of shopping to do……So if you have to brave the hoards of shoppers this weekend….Good Luck…..Or are you an arm chair shopper?……I’m a bit of both…..Have a great weekend all of you and Happy  Shopping, Cooking or Partying.

Until next time.










Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass……It’s about learning to dance in the rain!

What a thunder-storm it was…’s one of the things I love. What is Thunder? It is the sound that accompanies lightning during a thunderstorm. Does lightening make a sound? Yes, because any sound you hear is made up of vibrations….so as electricity passes through the air it causes air particles to vibrate and heard as sound. Lightning is also very hot so it expands and in this case, it expands very quickly pushing apart those particles of air with such a force thus creating more vibrations and the very,  room shakes with the thunder we get here….. it just booms out….. Here endeth the lesson………Ha ha … it and it’s why it is so lush and green here….hot and steamy…. warm rain…..most of the year I love it..dancing in the rain and soaking up the sun…but it’s nearly Christmas….and I want….. cold, frost, snow even cos without all or any of those it just isn’t the same……or just some Christmas Carol’s…… up will go the Christmas decorations of which I have copious amounts collected from far and wide over the years…some made by the children or grand children, lots and lots of twinkly fairy lights….but no snow………

Ham is brining…….Xmas puds made……mincemeat for mince pies made….still no snow…..

So for Xmas day, I envy all of you out there who have cold and snow……….and then it’s back to enjoying the sunshine……Oh yeah…Sorry, folks, it’s just the time of year and I get maudling……….back on track girly let’s go……..Thai Food…love it…Squid Salad.) Recipe next week.

10436325_10203693765297510_2270550745967095789_n10347792_10203693766137531_6190379055501568592_n………………Papaya Salad.


  • Green Papaya
  • 1 Carrot
  • Handful cherry Tomatoes or 2/3 med sized tomatoes.
  • Dried shrimp
  • 1 Lime
  • 4/5 birds eye chillies
  • Fish Sauce.
  • Sm amount of palm sugar about a half teaspoon.

Let’s Cook!

Shred the green Papaya and Carrot.

Cut tomatoes up roughly in smallish pieces or cherry tomatoes in half.

Put chillies and sugar and little fish sauce in pestle and mortar and pound away.

Add papaya, carrots, tomatoes and dried shrimps ( a bit at a time) and keep pounding.

Add lime juice and the lime cheeks, peel ..all of it….. a little more pounding, stir and serve.

Tip: Taste, Taste and taste again because it is about balancing those hot, salty, sweet, sour tastes of Thai Food and your personal taste.

I find that in papaya salad the heat of the chilli is more pronounced so if you only like a little heat start with half a chilli or 1….and taste……lime juice and fish sauce the same… taste……..Thai food is all about balancing the sweet, sour, spicy, salty flavours so once again taste as it’s very personal and individual…I love fish sauce so I am probably..well nought probable about it… I am….bit free and easy with it…..but that’s my taste and maybe not yours ……I am now becoming in danger of overusing a word…but TASTE…….

Tip 2: If you cannot get Green Papaya where you live then you can use shredded Cucumber or Swede as a substitute. Both are good and particularly with the swede unless you are a connoisseur of Papaya Salad then it would be hard to call.

I hope you enjoy my little recipes they are not all precisely measured just how we do it here whatever we have goes in the pot or pestle i.e the addition of crab ( in its shell) and yes you do get mucky fingers because again its eating with what you were born with.

Oh, and you serve Papaya Salad with Khao Neow (sticky rice), Chicken or fish..fresh veggies of your choice….enjoy …

Next job on my every growing list of to do’s before the 24th ..lots of time…. 17 days to be precise…Decorate the outside patio area ( at the back of the house) where we will be partaking of our Christmas Lunch..because we can..because we have no snow… of my friends today did suggest …..artificial snow…really!

But the bright side of having zero chance of ever getting snow for Xmas while I live here .. is no slush…you know the dirty, slushy…slush..that happens……I feel better already…

Just bought a job lot of Tonic Water as we have a shortage and Gin without Tonic is a no-no. So all I have to do now is sort out what the Christmas Cocktail is going to be….. will it be Espresso Martini or Moroccan Mojitos????  mmmm choices………and if I ever needed one it’s now!…….That lady in the pink dress is around…this domestic goddess who always has a neat and tidy kitchen…….not today…I decided to make some more Peanut Butter!…..wrong decision…..Burnt 1st lot of peanuts…..Then the liquidiser which I will say has travelled with me and I have had for many years gave up…the cheap Thai one I bought I transferred the peanuts to that and in my haste because by now I was frazzled…didn’t put the lid on…….result a kitchen covered in nuts…….. grrrrrr…end result daughter in law…bless her finished it off in batches in the Pestle and Mortar…. grrrrrrr …as my mantra is that I don’t drink before 5pm…it must be 5pm somewhere in the world..

So on that note Tchau.

NB: The answer to my last goodbye it’s Indonesian.