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If you can dream it, you can do it!

29 days to Christmas …yikes… Best get that ham curing …I have lots of different recipes on my Pinterest  Boards but I will also give you my tried and tested home-cured ham recipe next week….promise!

But as promised in last weeks blog….see I don’t forget…  one of my favourite Thai dishes  Nam Doc Nua ( Beef Salad).

This week sees me having my 1st Thai Language lesson. So watch this space…..I’m sure progress will be slow…even very slow…ha ha but at the moment I only speak Nik Noi Thai ( very little.)

I have also been ploughing through Word Presses how to..for beginners..that’s me! ….. Have managed to add FB, Linked In and Pinterest buttons so that’s a result…. so my aim is to be able to do one thing a week sooooo…..what does that mean for you…my faithful followers ?…….who knows? certainly not me!…….Could be a change of header or pictures absolutely anything!… So watch this space… mistakes will probably be glorious,  but I was blonde before I was this lovely au naturel shade of ” white”  and both the best colour to get your own dumb..although you really are not…….has always worked for me……Ha Ha…hope hubby doesn’t read this!

Anyway, by now you have probably realised that I am whimsical…this label was applied to me by my lovely friend Jelena……she got the look from me that said ..really!… you are soooooo totally wrong….but actually in the end ” I googled it”…..The definition is:  given to whimsy or fanciful notions;

“Her writing showed whimsical notions of human behaviour.” so in a nutshell, I have to admit she has a point.
Recipe for Thai Beef Salad.
Serves 2.
  • 300gm Tenderloin Beef.
  • 1 sm red Onion or 2/3 shallots.
  • 2 Spring Onions.
  • 2 medium tomatoes or  8/10 cherry toms.
  • 1 sm cucumber.
  • 2 sprigs mint.
  • Big handful of Coriander.
  • 2/3 birds eye chillies chopped.
  • 1 lime.
  • 2 tbsp Fish Sauce.
Let’s Cook!
Grill the tenderloin medium rare.
While steak is cooking chop salad into small pieces and chop coriander inc stalks.
Mint take leaves off stems.
When steak cooked to your liking slice into thin strips.
Mix gently into chopped salad add coriander, mint leaves and chillies.
Stir in fish sauce and squeeze in lime juice.
Taste as personally I like more fish sauce and chillies but as the taste of chillies can vary then it is
better to add less, taste and adjust seasoning if required.
This can also be made with chicken or pork.
Serve with steamed Rice or Sticky Rice.
Nam Doc Nua

Thai Beef Salad

Now eat and enjoy!

Still on the subject of food,  Hubby and  son are just making a Madras Curry and there is a Bread Pudding in the oven ……..when we lived in the Uk a  touch of sun and the supermarkets were stripped of salad….if I had dared and the thought would not have actually  even occurred to me  to suggest a Shepherd’s pie or Liver and Bacon…… the idea would have been  thrown straight out…..Here in Sunny Thailand, all the expat men I know would die for a Shepherds Pie, Pork Chops and Mash etc and it never ceases to amaze me because we eat mainly hot food. My right-hand gets literally bitten off if I ask anyone for Sunday Roast or Stew and dumplings…weird or what!

And as we speak it’s 29 degrees and rising.
mmmmmm can smell that bread pud……. and here it is just hot from the oven.
                      bread pudding
Damm good….delish!
Did you know????

A group of domestic cats is called a: Cluster, Clutter or Glaring.

Wild Cats: Dowt or Destruction.
A neutered Male cat is a  Gib when it’s not it’s a Tom.
Female Cats  are known as “Molly.”
Today I met with my crafty friends…..aka…Needles and Pins & Artistic Things.
We are a group of ladies who hail from the 4 corners of the world but have a common interest in crafts etc. Today we made fabric flowers under the expert guidance of Maggie and Pen.
The results were spectacular from some and mine were ok.  If any of you are interested in how to make then I will give you instructions in next weeks blog…..just let me know.
Thank you again for indulging me.

My next blog I will tell you how to cure your own ham ready for Xmas and any other thoughts that stream from my fingers.

Until next time  “Au Revoir”

Growing older is inevitable. Growing up is optional!

Well, that’s the 1st one over and done with.

Now I am asking myself how do I follow that?

You could hear a pin drop here it is so quiet. Why?
My little granddaughter who is 2 years old on the 17th is in Sakon Nakon with her mummy to help her other Nannie with gathering in the rice. A yearly ritual, plus side for me is I will get some lovely fresh young rice when she comes home.Lily nov 2014

Big brother is in Udon Thani visiting his mother which we did plan to do…. but sleeping Thai style on the floor …nooo my old bones would have seriously complained so we passed on that one.
Give me time to write in peace was my 1st thought.
Lots to edit from the writer’s retreat 2 weeks ago. If you ever get the opportunity to retreat..take was amazing. Listening to the other very talented writers I was in awe and it most certainly helped those creative juices to flow and flow.

As a newbie, this has completely changed the way I read, write and see things.

Hence my tentative, toe-dipping into the world of blogging!

My head is just fit to bust with all these ideas…..But loving it!

Peanut Butter is this week’s little recipe.

Take 500 gm raw peanuts. Put in oven on tray and cook on high for 10 mins. Take out of oven and reserve a few (if you like crunchy peanut butter) like me. Put the remainder of nuts in a food processor and blitz at 1 min intervals scrapping down the sides. Do this for 4 mins or until smooth.

Add 1 tsp of salt,1 tbsp oil and remainder of nuts if using. If you want to add honey, Nutella or flavouring of your choice then add it to the mix now  and blitz again for 1 min and then put in a suitable container. Stores in fridge for 3/4 weeks…….IT’S DELISH!

Next week I will tell you how to make my favourite Thai dish… Thai Beef Salad aka Nam Doc Nua.Which is a wonderful spicy beef salad eaten with sticky rice.

My little frogs have gone!


But all is not lost, now we have lots of little ones (tadpoles) so hopefully when those little froglings grow a bit maybe …. mum and dad will return.

Well…….. quietly sitting at my desk wondering what to write, the heavens opened, another tropical storm, thunder so loud it rattled the house and then…..what’s that….oh no!  Something is flowing and its water through the ceiling……Time for emergency measures…Alan!

Well that’s what hubbies are for, isn’t it? …. putting down towels and mopping up. “Good Man.”

Well, it didn’t stop there:

Later on this week……

What started out as a lovely lunch with a friend at a lovely Suchi/Pot shop buffett….all you can eat in one and a half hours and some………………… ended…

Well I drove home …thought I would reverse up the drive…if I had driven straight up the drive trust me, girls,  I would have got the  ” Can’t you reverse it up? “

Still with me? Lined it up dead in the middle and reversed………I know now why the menfolk go so close to the right-hand gate post……. as unseen by the naked eye is a crafty camber in the drive………The lovely, healthy ginger plant now looks a bit battered….. and my number plate just fell off…….I tried a few times to straighten the truck………Then gave up!


I walked indoors number plate in hand.

Not to be greeted by ” Hi Darling, how are you? Nice lunch?”

But “What have you done now?” and in that tone.

Can’t think why! Can you ladies??

Bless him…number plate now back in situ and looking like nought happened.


Well, that’s it for this week.

Thank you for reading my blog.

I do hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it.


Where to start…help…

The watery sun was just rising. Already warm, time to water my seedlings. The tomatoes are about 2 inches high and the lettuces have just broken through the sandy soil. Collecting my can I wandered into the kitchen half in a dream wondering what the day would bring. Turning on the tap the water came out with a stop-start, stop, start….. immediately something flew out of the watering can, you can imagine I screamed, dropped the can..hubby come running probably imagining that I had chopped off a limb.

Looking up I spied a little tree frog clinging for dear life on my utensil rack..well a pair of tongs is more accurate and that little frog was probably more scared than me. Hubby giving me the look that said it’s only a frog…. gently removed the tongs from the rack and carried it gently outside and over to a tree…poor frog was probably so petrified that it didn’t move a muscle.

“Carol, Come here I think there is frog spawn on the tree.”

I thought frogs laid eggs in water ..but it was a tree frog. Looking I spied mummy frog with her baby clinging for dear life to her back and daddy frog slightly apart but watching warily….camera quick…008

Wow.. first camera shot of the day over, my thoughts turned to those boxes.
Yes… boxes, the kind you pack when you move and then when you unpack you wonder why on earth you packed some of it. A productive morning spent unpacking, repacking for

A productive morning spent unpacking, repacking for storage, some to go into the bin and some put out by the bin. We have a little man who comes by every day to see what we have for recycling. Most days he just gets bottles but today he got a treat, bags, a job lot of colourful unwanted Xmas hats…from when we had our bar. Handbags.”don’t know why you have so many bags “that was him indoors. So for once……I listened and I acted..well threw two out.

Time to eat.….A first for me winged beans otherwise known as (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus), also known as the Goa bean, asparagus pea, four-angled bean, four-cornered bean, Manila bean, Mauritius bean, and winged pea.

bundle of wing beans

This is one of the most unusual beans; it produces delicious pods with four winged edges. Sliced and cooked with garlic, oyster sauce and a little Maggi( Thai seasoning sauce) they were delicious.

wings beans dish 1

Winged beans are nutrient-rich, and all parts of the plant are edible. Leaves can be eaten like spinach, flowers can be used in salads, tubers can be eaten raw or cooked, seeds can be used in similar ways as the soybean.
Well, that’s it for my first blog.

Now it’s back to the drawing board.

I am still trying to wrestle with this super, easy to do web site/blog but I think super easy means if you are a bright young thing who was born with their fingers attached to a keypad then it may be, but for me …well good job I don’t need any more grey hairs cos mmmmmm…it sure ain’t.